Adding Field for Quick Entry on Client’s Shopping Cart Page


One of our clients, a leading tank car supplier of service components and custom engineering services in North America, had a requirement on their shopping cart page.


Our client required us to add a field for quick entry on their shopping cart page so that the user could directly add an item to the cart from the shopping cart page itself.  


Our experts met the requirement through adding a row for fast order on the shopping cart page. The row is titled as ‘Fast Order Entry’ with the same font as the order summary. There is a field under the row to enter the product code or item name. If a product name is added then, all the products with the same name and similar name will be displayed in a dropdown. Users can select the desired product from that list. A quantity is added there, and further, the product is added to the cart using an ‘Add to cart button’. Now the product is visible on the shopping cart page along with its unit price and total price. 


The requirement was met efficiently. Now a customer can add the item to the cart from the cart page itself without navigating to the shopping pages.