How to Integrate Listrak Transactional Email Rules in NetSuite


Client Portfolio

A renowned online veterinary supplies store approached Jobin & Jismi to integrate NetSuite with Listrak for streamlined bulk email automation and the development of transaction-specific email templates provided by the client.  

Headquartered in Marysville, USA, it is owned and operated by the same veterinarians who founded the company in 1985.

Their goal is to be the go-to source for reliable product information and high-quality items by anticipating client needs, responding quickly to those needs, and offering solutions. Their staff works diligently to ensure customers' happiness, from product selection to careful packing.  

It makes it easier for horse lovers to follow their passion and helps pet owners get the most out of their animals. Customers who use their pharmacy can place orders with confidence because they know that a pharmacist will oversee everything.  

Problem Statement

The customer requirement is to integrate NetSuite with Listrak, a third-party API, for streamlined bulk email automation and the development of transaction-specific email templates given by the customer. The majority of the transaction templates were of standard design, and they had not previously used the bulk emailing feature for their business. 

As per the requirements from the client, they have to send a total of 17 email notifications to their customers. Also, they have to style each template in NetSuite. That is very time-consuming. But Listrak has 17-email notification message format. By integrating Listrak with NetSuite, we can automate the 17 email notifications, so there is no need to send the emails manually. Also, we can reduce the script development time, and the Listrak template has a much more attractive design. The client wanted to automate the following email transactions: 

Order confirmation notifications (upon approval of a sales order, Listrak automatically sends an email notification to customers using the Listrak email templates). 

Drop Ship Confirmation Notification 

Autoship enrollment notification

AutoShip order notification

AutoShip Cancellation Notice

Notification of Site Password Reset   

Rx Authorization: Received notification

Notification of Rx No File

Notification of Prescription Reminder

Cancellation Notice

Notification of Received Return 

Notification of Processed Return

Backorder Notification: 60 Day Notification

Backorder Notification 

Site Terms and Sales Agreement notification

Site Customer Service Request Notification

Notification of the Site Cart List

There are some limitations to sending bulk emails. If the bulk merge email volume is low, there will be difficulty in sending promotional emails. Also, their domain keys were not configured because this feature had not been used previously. This was a challenging factor for our experts. 

Our developers had already worked on their projects, and the client knew that we had the best integration specialists in our team, so they approached Jobin & Jismi to integrate  Listrak with NetSuite. 

What we suggested

Jobin & Jismi’s experts examined the requirement. Our consultants fully comprehended their customers’ business processes with the collaboration of their management. 

Listrak itself has email sending functionality and many email template formats. In our case, we are unable to send emails without NetSuite because, as per the requirement, “upon approval of a sales order in NetSuite,” customers should get an email notification. i.e., email sending is based on a record that is approved inside “NetSuite.” So, we have to integrate NetSuite with Listrak.

For the email notification, we have to add multiple line-item records. Like fields in NetSuite Listrak, also have field identifiers. Using the script, we map each NetSuite field to a Listrak field. But there are no standard field IDs for line items in Listrak. So, mapping the multiple lines was a bit of a challenge for our developers. 

In order to mitigate the risk, our NetSuite team created custom field IDs for multiple line items and mapped NetSuite items with Listrak.  

All 17 email notifications are now fully automated. There is a great need for the client’s effort in order to send the email. Furthermore, all emails are visually appealing and include all necessary information, including links to websites. 

Our NetSuite team developed and implemented a custom script for passing NetSuite transactional data to Listrak using the Listrak REST API. 

The NetSuite transactional service handles triggering the email. Listrak REST API utilizes Bearer tokens to authenticate NetSuite transactional requests and provides the dynamic data that populates the placeholders in the email template.  

Customer Success

Following an ideal business strategy and establishing a valuable relationship with clients can bring in more business and enhance revenue. When both aspects are adequately controlled, an organization succeeds. The client is reaping multiple benefits as a result of Jobin & Jismi’s prudent involvement. Now emails are sent to customers using Listrak, a customer engagement platform, via NetSuite. 

Our service helped them in the following ways: 

17 email notifications are automated. Since these email notifications have been automated, it increases productivity. The client is not required to perform the process manually. They can save their time and invest that time in other processes. 

Generated excellent email template.

More information on email notification than the standard NetSuite email. 

Using Listrak templates, each customer gets an attractive email notification and an automated email. It helped them be more agile and smarter in their industry. 

Reducing everyday marketing team workloads 

With Listrack, retailers and brands are empowered to achieve accelerated revenue growth through leading-edge technology and best-in-class expertise, resulting in profitable cross-channel and cross-platform customer communication. 

Thus, Jobin & Jismi helped the client integrate NetSuite with Listrak for streamlined bulk email automation.