How Power BI and NetSuite Syncing with ODBC Boosts Efficiency


Client Portfolio

One of the prominent Australian-based companies that produces a range of natural health supplements and products approached Jobin & Jismi to Connect data from NetSuite to Power BI, a business analytics service by Microsoft that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an easy-to-use interface.  

The company was founded in 1989 and has since become a leading brand in the Australian health supplement market. They offer a wide range of products including vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements, and natural skincare products. 

The company prides itself on creating products that are free from synthetic colors, flavors, and preservatives, and emphasizes the use of top-notch natural ingredients. It focused on sustainability and has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives in its manufacturing processes. 

Their products are available in health-food stores, pharmacies, and online retailers throughout Australia and several other countries. The company has a strong reputation for producing effective and safe health supplements and is trusted by many healthcare practitioners and consumers alike. 

Problem Statement

Our client recognizes that they require a solution that can seamlessly link NetSuite and Power BI without requiring manual intervention. They want a direct connection that can integrate NetSuite data, searches, and client details with Power BI’s powerful analytics and user-friendly interface. This technology will not only streamline their productivity, but it will also allow them to make informed business decisions in real time. 

The current method of collecting and analyzing data used by our client is ineffective and takes up too much time, despite their reliance on data-driven decision-making. NetSuite is used to manage company finances, operations, and customer connections, while Power BI is used to obtain insights into their data through powerful analytics and interactive visualizations. 

Notwithstanding the benefits of utilizing both systems, the customer suffers substantial integration issues. Currently, they download data from NetSuite into their system and then transfer it to Power BI for analysis and visualization. This procedure is not only time-consuming, but also delays access to vital data.

Their challenge was to find a dependable and effective solution that bridges the gap between NetSuite and Power BI. They require a solution that allows them to connect the two systems directly, remove the manual procedure, and provide faster access to real-time data. Thus, to improve their decision-making process, promote progress and achievement, and stay ahead of the competition. 

What We Suggested 

Jobin & Jismi’s specialists analyzed the requirements, and our consultants gained a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s business operations with the help of management. Our client required access to certain data stored in NetSuite for creating reports in Power BI, and our experts developed a connector known as the ODBC driver to facilitate this process.  ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity, which is a standard interface for accessing databases. An ODBC driver is a software component that enables applications to communicate with databases using the ODBC API. 

The ODBC driver acts as a bridge between an application and a database management system (DBMS), translating application requests into a format that the DBMS can understand and processing the responses from the DBMS back to the application. It is a component of NetSuite’s Suite Analytics Connect service, and there are multiple driver installations available for use. The ODBC driver provides a direct connection between NetSuite and Power BI. 

When connecting external applications to NetSuite, the SuiteAnalytics Connect feature in NetSuite is utilized, enabling the archiving, analysis, and reporting of NetSuite data via JDBC, ODBC, and other connectors. ODBC is the most widely used and reliable option, and we installed it in our system to facilitate a direct connection between NetSuite and Power BI. 

After establishing the NetSuite-Power BI connection, our developers encountered some obstacles, such as firewall issues and systems without admin access, which made it difficult to connect. To mitigate the risks, our NetSuite team provided admin access, enabling a more secure connection using SQL queries. This process was a bit challenging to execute.

Real-time access to updated data in NetSuite is now possible, as changes are made to the system on a regular basis. Our specialists suggest using a Power BI tool called Gateway to update NetSuite data in real-time. The solution can be downloaded within Power BI, and it works seamlessly and regularly, ensuring that data is updated on all systems, with or without ODBC capabilities. 

Customer Success

Implementing an effective business strategy and fostering a positive connection with clients can lead to increased business and improved revenue. When both areas are managed properly, an organization can thrive. As a result of Jobin & Jismi’s wise efforts, our client is enjoying numerous benefits such as: 

With the ODBC Connector, users can connect their NetSuite data to Power BI for easy visualization and analysis.  

The connector itself is designed to be easy to use, with a simple interface that allows users to select the data they want to analyze and create custom reports and dashboards. 

It allows users to combine NetSuite data with other data sources, such as Salesforce or Excel spreadsheets. This can provide a more complete picture of business operations and allow for more comprehensive analysis. 

ODBC connectors are optimized for performance, allowing for fast and efficient data access and retrieval. It can provide secure access to databases, allowing administrators to control access and ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Through ODBC connector, users are allowed to create custom queries and reports that can be used across different applications. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate data from different sources and create customized solutions for specific needs. 

ODBC connectors are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal configuration and setup. This can save time and resources, particularly for organizations with large or complex database environments. 

Overall, ODBC connectors provide a standardized, efficient, and flexible way to access and manage data across different applications and platforms. 

With the right expertise and data quality, this connector can be an extremely valuable tool for businesses looking to gain insights into their NetSuite data. 

And therefore, Jobin & Jismi assisted the client in connecting NetSuite and Power BI via ODBC, a standardized interface that allows communication across multiple programs and databases using a common language.