Mobile Image Capturing with NetSuite WMS


Client Portfolio

A prominent UK-based online retailer of high-quality indoor and outdoor products reached out to Jobin & Jismi to ease their product return process. They offer a wide range of items aimed at assisting individuals in crafting their ideal living environment. 

Problem Statement

For businesses operating in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, managing returns efficiently is a pivotal challenge. Before processing a return, it is essential for them to assess the condition of products, using images sent to them. Customers should also be able to quickly upload evidence of damaged products by sending in images captured through a mobile camera. It will then need to be linked to the corresponding item receipt. 

What We Suggested 

Our team has developed an option to facilitate the return process using the customization capability of NetSuite Warehouse Managing System (WMS). This allows the RMA’s (Return Material Authorization) list in NetSuite to be accessed and displayed through WMS mobile App. Users can take the images of products directly through the mobile capture feature and can view the RMA list for the past month.



When a user selects a specific Item Receipt (IR) from the RMA, they can access a list of items along with their quantities for the chosen IR. Images will be attached to the corresponding item receipt, making it easier for the approver to verify the condition of associated products. Additionally, users have the option to upload multiple images for a single item.

Customer Success 

With the customization done in NetSuite WMS mobile application for return process, they enjoyed more benefits which includes:

1. Accurate Product Assessment: The mobile capture and image display features enable accurate assessment of returned products’ condition, reducing disputes and improving customer satisfaction.

2. Device Flexibility: Users can capture/upload images from both mobile and desktop systems, enabling them to initiate the return process on the fly. 

3. Enhanced Visibility: Users can easily access the RMA list for the past month, enhancing visibility into return activities and helping them identify the correct products and quantities for return.

4.Efficient Approval Workflow: Images attached to item receipts simplify the approval process, making it quicker and more efficient for approvers to verify product conditions. 

Key Achievements 

RMA item verification has been reduced by 60%.

Gradually reduces the RMA process cycle time.

Way Forward 

Our customized NetSuite-WMS feature not only addressed the existing problems but also laid the foundation for continuous innovation in warehouse management and customer-centric returns processing. Jobin & Jismi’s primary focus lies in ensuring customer satisfaction by thoroughly understanding client requirements, providing effective solutions, and driving business growth.