NetSuite Klaviyo Integration



If your objective is to turn your data into actionable insights, integrate NetSuite and Klaviyo. With hundreds of pre-built features and seamless integration, Klaviyo is an amazing marketing tool for NetSuite SuiteCommerce merchants.


The discontinuation of Bronto (CRM tool) led one of our clients to move into Klaviyo –  a more superior and advanced eCommerce CRM (customer relationship management) tool .This case study details the key benefits of Netsuite-Klaviyo integration.


Our client’s aim through this integration project include:

1. Sync customer data from NetSuite to Klaviyo dynamically.

2. Sync transaction data from NetSuite to klaviyo dynamically.

3. Sync historical data from NetSuite to Klaviyo.

Data migrated to Klaviyo from NetSuite include; entities – lead, prospect, customer and contact and transaction details – cash, invoice, sales order, item fulfillment.

Our developers created a custom record in NetSuite to pass these details to Klaviyo. The record is highly customizable with various parameters  and filters that can be set up by the NetSuite owner – thus providing complete authority over the data that is sent to Klaviyo. 

Also by adding a list field in the custom record page, our developers were able to add a saved search with product details that can be sent over to Klaviyo. After further configuration these items details are made available in Klaviyo  and it can recommend other products based on customer viewing or transaction history. 

Further with the data intact, Klaviyo is capable of tracking every major customer checkpoint. 

For example, once the lead details (email id or phone number) are fed into the Klaviyo database. And the buyer logs into NetSuite SCA website and adds an item to the cart – data is transferred to Klaviyo dynamically. 

Thereafter, Klaviyo stores the details of every checkpoint that the buyer goes through under that buyer’s profile. This helps business owners identify and analyze bottlenecks in the buyer’s journey and sort out why the buyer left at a certain part of the journey.


The NetSuite-Klaviyo integration was deemed fruitful. Our client now enjoys several benefits. 

Here are the key benefits of NetSuite-Klaviyo integration:

• Easily sync NetSuite entities like contacts, leads, prospects and companies with Klaviyo.

• Sync only those records that meet specific criteria from Klaviyo and NetSuite.

• Changes that occur in NetSuite directly reflects in Klaviyo because of real-time integration.

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