Single-Click Printing of Multiple Item Fulfillments in NetSuite

Electronics Services & Supply Chain | USA


You have a large consignment within a single sales order. As the items come from different places, they may be carried in multiple boxes or sections even though they are in a single shipment. Normally, the item fulfillment will be based on each box or section, and the invoices are available for each separate fulfillment. What if you had the option to print the associated fulfillments of the sales order in a single print? Getting a page to view the entire fulfillment information would help you plan and track further operations much better, right? 

This case study illustrates how we've achieved this by combining all related item fulfillment information into a single page.

Client Portfolio

A USA-based electronics manufacturing services and supply chain solutions company approached us to view multiple item fulfillment information in NetSuite in a single print. With operations spanning over 10 countries, having an effective view of their orders is crucial for maintaining an accurate understanding of their processes.

Problem Statement 

Our client faced a significant challenge in printing multiple item fulfillments associated with a single sales order in NetSuite. Typically, each item fulfillment would print separately, even if all items were part of the same shipping, packaged in different cartons or sections. This standard feature required users to manually print each fulfillment individually, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors. The client sought a solution to combine all associated fulfillments into a single print using the standard print button, thereby streamlining their operations and improving accuracy.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s requirements, we proposed developing a custom functionality that would allow the combination of data from multiple item fulfillments into a virtual list. This virtual list would aggregate all the associated data and enable printing through the standard print button. Our approach included the following steps: 

   •Identifying the key data points: We identified the essential data points from each fulfillment that needed to be included in the combined print. 

   •Creating a virtual list: We developed a functionality that aggregates data from all item fulfillments associated with a single sales order into a virtual list. 

   •Seamless integration: The virtual list was designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing print process, enabling users to generate a combined print with the standard button.


During the development and implementation of the solution, we encountered several challenges: 

   •Data Consistency: Ensuring that data from different item fulfillments was consistent and correctly aggregated into the virtual list required meticulous validation. 

   •Integration with Standard Button: Modifying the standard print button functionality to incorporate the virtual list without disrupting existing processes was complex.

Customer Success 

The successful implementation of our solution resulted in significant improvements for the client. The new functionality allowed them to generate a single print for multiple item fulfillments associated with a single sales order, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency.

Reduced time and effort: Users could now print all associated fulfillments in a single action, saving considerable time and effort.

Minimized errors: The combined print feature reduced the likelihood of errors associated with printing individual fulfillments separately.

Key Achievements:

Single page view of fulfilled items 

Quick access to Fulfilled data

Way Forward

Looking ahead, the single page view of fulfilled items data helped our client streamline their order processing. They no longer need to check all associated fulfillments to get the entire information about the orders. With just one print, they can access all the data using the standard button. 

Are you looking to customize your records print data? Do you need a more efficient process to view the entire order status on a single page? Contact us today to improve your operations with our automated solution.