Show Matrix Child Items in SCA PLP Page


The Show matrix child items in SCA PLP Page SuteCommerce Advanced extension adds an enhanced functionality to view all the matrix child items in the product list page and can add the items to cart directly from the product list page by specifying quantity. This function is embedded on the PLP page of the website.

The extension provides the following functions:

  1. Allows customers to view all the child items in the PLP page.
  2. Customers can add items to cart from the product list Page in two ways with respect to quantity.


The Show matrix child items in SCA PLP Page extension provides a long time benefit for the users and the customers who are navigating through this SuiteCommerce Website.  Thus it provides functionalities to add  all the child items to the cart by specifying it in the quantity. The functionality is enabled near the add to cart button. With this extended functionality on the SuiteCommerce Advanced  website all the child items correspondingly added to the cart.

This will eliminate the redundancy in making decisions by customers and enhance the functional efficiency of the website and the high accuracy in placing orders by the customers which will get  sorted accordingly. The extension allows us to experience enhanced functional efficiency benefits combined together both from a customers and users perspective. This extension allows customers to add multiple child items from the PLP page itself. Thus customers do not need to navigate to each product page and add child items one by one. Customers can either add all the child items from a particular category, or they can add their specific child items from PLP.


We have successfully developed this extension and installed the same to one of our clients.  If you wanted to enjoy the same features you can reach out us at anytime.

Exceptional capabilities of Show matrix child items in SCA PLP Page extention

The Show matrix child items in SCA PLP Page extension marks exceptional performance in the SuiteCommerce product website to experience highest attainment of service delivery and product extensions to treat their customers and sorting it in a polished manner. The extension orderly processing the  back end orders by sorting the items based on a parameter inclined as quantity. And also customers can benefit  from the same as it  prevent the customer from navigating to different pages for adding items.