NetSuite-Infor Integration Delivers Real-Time Data Sync


Client Portfolio

A UAE-based customer from the beauty industry approached us to sync different types of transaction records to make their business more scalable. The client provides the best local and international brands to deliver exemplary service to beauty enthusiasts in the region. They combine beauty and digitalization to enhance and transform customer experience.

Problem Statement

Our customer needed to speed up business processes through real-time acceleration, synchronize transactions such as sales orders, transfer orders, purchase orders, item fulfillment, item receipt and customer return authorization to develop business viability. This would help them make informed decisions quickly and respond to changes in the market more efficiently.   

For example, if a company has a synchronized system for sales orders and inventory management, it can quickly determine whether they have enough inventory to fulfill a new order. They can also identify any potential issues or delays in the order fulfillment process and take corrective action before it becomes a problem.    

Similarly, synchronizing purchase orders and vendor management can help companies streamline their procurement process and negotiate better prices with vendors. They can quickly identify any discrepancies or delays in the purchase order process and take corrective action to ensure the timely delivery of goods and services.

What We Suggested

NetSuite offers a powerful set of tools and functionalities to manage business processes, and the specialists in the company are well-versed in utilizing these tools to meet customer requirements. By studying the customer’s needs in detail, they can determine the best approach to integrating NetSuite with Infor, a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.    

Synchronizing commands between NetSuite and Infor–an enterprise-scale, multi-tenant, cloud-based software for accounting and financial management, supply chain and business process management–involves setting up API configurations to allow data to flow seamlessly between the two systems. Our specialists ensure that these configurations are stored in separate sections for easy management and maintenance. Also, they generate transaction types in NetSuite associated with the data transfers to ensure the information is accurately captured and processed in the system.    

Overall, our team of developers is dedicated to utilizing NetSuite’s functionality to meet client requirements in the most effective and efficient way possible. Their expertise in synchronizing commands between NetSuite and Infor, storing API configurations in separate sections, and generating associated transaction types in NetSuite ensures that data transfers are seamless and accurate. This allows businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive race.  

Customer Success

NetSuite’s integration with Infor saved our client time and effort in validating transactional updates. They can now track the status of each record based on the criteria defined in the integration process. NetSuite ERP is an excellent choice for simplifying business operations and, with the help of our experts, they have successfully implemented the solution in their daily business scenarios. This helps create a seamless connection between their systems and helps managers focus more on improving sales and productivity.