NetSuite File Cabinet Company-Wide Usage feature

NetSuite 2020.2 provides you the Company-Wide Usage feature. You can create multiple File Cabinet files available for company-wide usage at one time adding view access to a file for every company user. For example, if you use a file on an email and is marked for company-wide usage, all company users can view that data. 

All company users can access a file, even if it is within a private folder or inaccessible. When you enable the Company-Wide Usage feature, company users with existing permission to edit the file continue to have both view and edit access. Other company users can only view the file. To specify that the file is available for all company users, check the Company-Wide Usage box on the file record

A new Make All Files Available for Company-Wide Usage box is available on the File Cabinet Advanced Add page. Mark the “Make All Files Available” for the CompanyWide Usage box and upload a zip file. This can make multiple files available in the File Cabinet. These files are extracted to a particular folder. The Company-Wide Usage box is checked for each file by default.