Keyboard Shortcuts for NetSuite Date Field

Do you know, there are tons of quick shortcuts for NetSuite users that can save a few moments of your precious time. You may not notice it right away. However, using NetSuite keyboard shortcuts can minimize the searches and provide quick access to the information you are looking for. Little by Little these shortcuts can contribute a lot to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your work. 

If you’re a beginner in using NetSuite, start familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts to get a better hold on to the system and its functions.

And here are some smart tips for you!!!

Check out these keyboard shortcuts and gear up for fast work.

Press M: For the end of the current month

Press L: For the end of the previous month

Press T: For today

Press Y: For yesterday

Shift + T: For tomorrow

Press +: To move the days forward

Press -: To move the days backward

If you wish to generate any specific date of the current year, just type the day and month together and click enter. You can see the results as the way you wanted within a few clicks.

For instance, if you choose to generate 20th June of the current year, then type 2006 in the date field and click enter. You will see the results. 

Interesting, right? !!!

Try out this smart way right away and achieve benefits on saving your time. 

Fasten your skills with our smart ways!!!