28 Aug, 2020

NetSuite V/s Xero: Better Solutions Avail Best Results

The responsible business leaders are looking for better solutions to transform their business to achieve higher-end results. The ERP market is quite vast and you may end up finding different ERP software applications.

All available  ERP applications have several competencies. Trying each one is a difficult task. Hence, making a proper assessment and understanding each is the best way to choose the ERP suitable for your business.  By reading the best comparison you may get to understand the capabilities, gain better insights, and understand exceptional benefits. NetSuite is the most accepted ERP provider across the globe. However, there are some competing ERP solutions, which can put the customers in a dilemma. Xero is one such ERP solution. 

Here we are cross-checking the exceptional features offered by NetSuite ERP in comparison with Xero.

NetSuite v/s Xero

NetSuite is the most recognized cloud ERP solution offering a suite of business operations and actions converged in a unified platform.  It integrates several functions inside a business. NetSuite is ERP efficiently comprising CRM  functions, eCommerce tools, and PSA. It is a comprehensive tool, which can perfectly blend businesses of any size. 

NetSuite ERP is highly flexible for user-specific customizations. It can easily integrate with any other third-party system. In the long run, NetSuite is acting as a business asset builder. NetSuite ERP has a reasonable pricing structure while comparing with similar others, with rich integration capabilities and  automated account reconciliations

Xero is claimed to be one of the most simple and streamlined interfaces, owning comprehensive functionalities to run a business across the small-medium business. With Xero recurring invoices can be created, managed, and modified very easily. 

Even though Xero has the capabilities to invoke a comprehensive change in the business operations, it still lacks behind business intelligence and reporting tools. Xero possesses minimal filters in generating reports. The digital payment solutions of Xero is available only with additional paid subscriptions. There are no feasible free bank-to-bank options with limited support from accounting professionals.

Comparison NetSuite Xero
System Overview 1. NetSuite is a powerful ERP solution, converges CRM tools, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing tools in a single platform.
2. NetSuite is a user-friendly application.
3. Attractive UI.
4. Ideal for small-medium and large scale business enterprises.
1. Xero is an accounting company with comprehensive abilities to manage financials and is having the best bookkeeping practices.
2. It is best suited for small and medium enterprises.
3. User-Friendly application with enhanced functionalities comparing with other accounting software tools.
Customer support Highly responsive customer support services. Responsive but scam an additional month AFTER you cancel the subscription and causing customer service non-existent
Features & Functionality 1. NetSuite has outstanding features to comprehend the activities running across the business. 
2. It has CRM tools, PSA, and eCommerce capabilities running across a single platform.
Xero is a simple to use platform with intelligent functionality, great dash, and good navigation.
Integrations Highly flexible to integrate with any third-party system.
Rich capabilities to ease the integration process.
Integrations are possible but limited to payment services like Stripe, PayPal & GoCardless.
Pricing NetSuite Financials available by $499 per month as its base fee and addition with  $99 per month per user access. Xero allows unlimited numbers of users with different plans. And the price is ranging between  $19 to $29 to $39 per month respective to the plan chosen.

Why Choose NetSuite over Xero?

NetSuite owns exceptional benefits which Xero failed to offer to the businesses. Here we are highlighting some of the important features, which help NetSuite stay in the limelight of powerful cloud ERP solutions.

1. Flexibility to Integrations

NetSuite is a highly configurable cloud ERP solution with high-end benefits on flexibility. It can be integrated and customized according to the unique and dynamic needs of the companies. 

2. Customizations Upon Specific Requirements

Every business is entirely unique and what they need is custom solutions to address the specific requirements of the business. NetSuite customization features help the business to align their process perfectly within NetSuite.

3. Real-Time Financial Management

NetSuite offers extensive capabilities for real-time financial management and support to the business process. Businesses can manage the financial transactions and data on a real-time basis with features inclined in NetSuite.

4. Comprehensive Finance and Accounting

NetSuite has comprehensive capabilities in dealing with finances and accounting. It provides efficient utilities on managing the processes associated with finances and accounting providing process efficiency and increased performance attributes on higher ends.

5. Automation

Another important aspect of NetSuite is its capabilities to deal with automated techniques. NetSuite gives you enhanced automation facilities, which eliminates manual processing and associated errors, energizes the business performance, and simplifies the complex processes.

6. Business Intelligence

NetSuite has higher-end business intelligence tools and techniques which includes reporting and analytical tools to forecast the performance with informed decisions from the data drawn from NetSuite analytical tools.

7. Process Optimization

NetSuite helps to optimize the business process with its unified methodological approach to delivering the process in a significant manner. NetSuite delivers features to enhance process efficiency by suggesting optimized solutions.

8. Efficient Business Management

Being the world’s best cloud ERP solution provider, NetSuite owns capabilities to evoke higher-end business performance and effectiveness in managing overall business operations in a manner which contributes to business success and profitability.

However, both NetSuite and Xero ERP Softwares are capable enough to make a remarkable transition in your business operations.  But yet NetSuite can ease the business process with complete efficiency and owns high-end functional abilities to generate growth in all sorts of business operations. 

Are you interested in making a progressive business change with more comprehensive tools and patterns? Then choose NetSuite ERP, because it has extensive capabilities for deriving higher-end results with more possibilities of extensions, customizations, and advancements. 

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