Set a Different Color Theme for Your NetSuite Accounts!

Easily change your NetSuite color scheme with this simple tip! Test it out to see the impact on your account and explore different themes for multiple roles! 


Here’s how to change the color scheme in NetSuite: 
 Log in to your NetSuite account and choose a role if you have multiple ones. 

Click on the Home Icon, then go to Set Preferences

Navigate to the Appearance Subtab and select your preferred color in the ‘COLOR THEME’ field. 

Save the record and verify the changes.

If you have dual roles and manage multiple accounts, consider adding different colors for a better view when logging into different accounts. 

Add-On tip: You can also change the font style!

In the same Appearance section, navigate to the ‘SCREEN FONT’ field, choose your preferred style, and see how the texts in your account now look!