28 Feb, 2023

How NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform 2023.1 Boost the Business?

SuiteCloud offers robust platform tools and technologies for modifying, connecting, expanding, and controlling NetSuite accounts. SuiteCloud was designed for software developers and technical administrators, and thousands use it to customize their accounts and reap the benefits of Suite.  

NetSuite 2023 Release 1 includes several features that make it effortless to create and manage modifications, combine with other applications, and take advantage of the most modern Java platform capabilities. 

SuiteTalk Web Services Introduces New REST Records 

SuiteTalk is a Web services integration solution for connecting third-party systems to NetSuite. 

The addition of eight new standard REST records assists clients in using SuiteTalk REST Web Services to completely link their NetSuite accounts with external systems and applications. NetSuite 2023 Release 1’s new REST records include: 

• Authorization for vendor returns 

• Deposit  

• Client payment

• Item category

• Item description 

• Request fulfillment

• Purchase of a non-inventory item

• Non-stock resale item

NetSuite REST web services provide an integration route that increases Suite Talk’s capabilities. REST web services give a REST-based interface to connect with NetSuite.  

REST web services help you to: 

• Interact with NetSuite via a REST-based interface and execute business processing on NetSuite records  

• Browse dynamically between records, use CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) actions 

• Retrieve and process the API specification, as well as record information

• Run NetSuite queries on the records

Advantages of REST Web Services  

Primary advantages of REST web services are as follows:

• Easy access to metadata of records. This ensures availability of user and company- specific metadata 

• Smooth management of custom records and custom fields

• User-friendly API 

• Unlike RESTlets, you do not have to write, deploy, or run bespoke scripts 

Major Upgrade in SuiteCloud Visual Studio Code Extension 

SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a graphical user interface for creating NetSuite platforms using the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). It is a framework for development and a mechanism for distribution. 

Validation of the SuiteCloud project: Developers may now use the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) from within VS Code to perform server-side validation of custom code modules to discover issues prior to project deployment. The validation process verifies that all project assets, such as manifests, configurations, scripts, objects, dependencies, account settings, and others, are accurately defined. If mistakes are identified in the process, actionable console messages will be generated. 

Import account-specific custom record instances: Developers may require access to new or changed custom record instances defined within production and test accounts. Previously, retrieving the XML specification of each instance required a manual download. Now, SuiteCloud users can immediately access all custom record instances from the VS Code-based development environment with version 23.1. 

The Suite Cloud Command Line Interface (CLI) for Node.js: It is a SuiteCloud SDK tool for managing SuiteCloud project components as well as validating and deploying projects to your account.  

It also enables access to custom record instances within NetSuite accounts, offering capabilities for both the Node CLI and VS Code environments, which may be utilized in tandem.  

Differentiate local and account files:Working with files in a local development environment may require identifying and resolving differences between the local instance and the one that exists within a target account. VS Code now readily discovers variations inside an intuitive UI that highlights the precise differences, which are displayed in a split-editor view for easy comparison.  

Accounts and authIDs can be managed: We have included the ability to define and edit authID fields, such as account name, user role, and URL, using VS Code in the release. Developers can query and update these parameters directly from their local environments, making it easier to work with essential authentication data throughout the program lifecycle. 

Eclipse Plug-In for SuiteCloud IDE

SuiteCloud IDE plug-in for Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for NetSuite platform development. 

NetSuite 2023 Release 1 continues to support the SuiteCloud IDE plug-in for Eclipse. The plug-in, no longer is updated with new features. Customers can switch from Eclipse to the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Code or the SuiteCloud IDE Plug-In for WebStorm.  

SuiteCloud CLI for Java

SuiteCloud CLI now supports Java 17 and Oracle JDK Version 17 to ensure that apps managing SDF projects adhere to the most recent Java standards.  

Contact Jobin & Jismi, the Oracle NetSuite solution provider, if you have any NetSuite-related queries. We are here to collaborate with you to establish milestones in advance to ensure consistent delivery without scope creep or cost overruns.