24 Jul, 2020

Right Choice Marks Excellence NetSuite or Zoho?

2020  has witnessed great transformations. The nature and the equation of trading has faced a drastic shift from the conventional methods of operation. This largely evoked the need for a more sophisticated yet powerful platform for business management. Even though there are different platforms available in the market, choosing the right one is a hectic task. ZOHO is one of such ERP platforms providing effective business solutions. However, this platform failed to overrule the legend NetSuite, as Zoho had several limitations. NetSuite ERP is a complete package of business solutions that can be tailored to different requirements.

This article gives an overview of why a business organization should choose NetSuite over Zoho

Netsuite V/s Zoho

Netsuite is a #1 Cloud ERP solution structured for benefiting a suite of business operational actions in a unified platform.  It integrates diverse functions in a single suite. It is composed of ERP functions, CRM, eCommerce capabilities, and many more. 

Netsuite ERP platform is flexible for customizations and integrations to any system concerning the nature of business and their specific demands. It functions as an asset builder for every business organization. 

On the other hand, Zoho is a comprehensive web-based online suite. This platform includes 25+ applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM) to Mail, Office Suite, and more. Even though Zoho eliminates expensive or outdated hardware or software demands the operational effectiveness is compromising.

However, Netsuite is more compatible with operational effectiveness. It can automate processes, run and operate on streamlines, and can provide accessibility to real-time business data. Being a dynamic system,  Netsuite is more adaptable to accommodate changes of technological advancements. 

It updates twice a year with more enhancements and features to compete with the changing business environments. Another attribute of Netsuite ERP is that it can work at a relatively less operational cost in comparison with other on-premise systems.

History Time !!!

NetSuite has been pioneering the ERP world since 1998, with the revolution of cloud computing,  from the legacy of Oracle. It deals with the comprehensive requirements of business communities. And also flexible enough to make customizations and integrations to cater to the needs of the business. NetSuite has trusted partnerships and alliances all over the world to deliver Netsuite related services to all businesses. They aim to provide the best ever service delivery to the organizations. 

Netsuite has More than 12,000 customers across the world experiencing high-growth and more efficiency in business operations. 

Zoho comparingly a Newbie in the ERP world, started its operations in 2005, with a web-based word processor. In 2009, Zoho integrated some of their applications with the Google Apps online suite. Now it has 40+ integrated applications with which the users Can efficiently manage, connect, and automate business processes.

Some Major Differences in Features of Netsuite ERP and Zoho

Netsuite ERP Zoho
1. Cloud ERP 1. Web-based word processor
2. Advanced eCommerce capabilities 2. Website builder
3. Comprehensive CRM capabilities 3. Zoho CRM is with limited applications
4. More responsive and user-friendly UI 4. Zoho uses an open application programming interface
5. Best suited for businesses of any size and nature 5. Better performing for small and medium-sized businesses

Netsuite ERP: What You Will Get?

You will receive the following benefits while partnering with Netsuite ERP which would ensure your business always stand in line with success. Let your business grow and flourish with Netsuite.

Enhanced performance
Business intelligence
Efficient working
Optimized business operations
Operational efficiency
Informed decisions

However, both of these ERP software help to gear up your business in a more efficient format. However, NetSuite is the unified business management suite helping organizations all over the world to unlock growth potential in all sorts of business operations. 

If you wish to run your business on a more comprehensive platform with higher results and more capabilities and possibilities of extensions and advancements; Netsuite ERP is the best choice. 

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