Complex location selection in NetSuite


One of our Canadian clients who are in the business of home décor, approached us with a request.  

They had a custom requirement in NetSuite. The software by default provides a feature known as” Auto location assignment”. It helps businesses with warehouses and order fulfilment.  

But here our client required multiple conditions and checks for assigning an auto location. Therefore, they wanted a customized solution.


As part of the requirement, the client wanted automation of the line-level location population. This is where the sales order status changes from Pending Approval to Pending Fulfillment. They wanted automation of the warehouse allocation process after approving the sales order.  

They also wanted us to map the warehouses in accordance with the source of the customer. This was to facilitate speedy delivery.     




Our developers faced a hurdle in confirming the item availability in multi-level location checks. This relied on the custom location preference set up for each state and the availability of items in that location


The team of developers first created a custom record. They allocated the warehouse to each state. They used the data given by the client to make this allocation.  

Our experts also suggested assigning three warehouses for every state. They did so to ensure that the order was not canceled because one location did not have the item available. The team developed a script to check if the item ordered was available in any of the three warehouses. 

The script also checks if the selected warehouse is able to fulfill all the items in the customer order.  

It runs only when the user clicks the approve button in the sales order. Our developers also added various options for the client to manually override the warehouse selection process if necessary. Notably, the script returns an error message if the required items are not available in any of the warehouses. One can manually alter this error message and run it after fixing it.  


The customization was beneficial to the client as it made their order management an effortless process. It automated warehouse selection and item availability which ultimately helped them to reduce manual effort and time.   

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