Creating Advanced PDF Template and Custom button in NetSuite


One of our German clients, who are in the business of garden furniture had custom requirements in NetSuite for creating Advanced PDF Templates and a custom button for printing. 


Our client required a standard print option for the inbound shipment record, if not, they needed a button to print the PDF of the inbound shipment that includes the item details in the shipment record. They also required us to change the print layout of the Item fulfilment and Invoice as per the provided template.


Our experts analyzed the requirements and created a new print layout for Item fulfilment and Invoices according to the given template. This layout will be available in the respective records under the print button. In order to attain the requirement of adding a standard print option, they added a custom button to the template as there is no standard print button available for inbound shipment. Further, users can print the PDF of inbound shipment with details including purchase order, item, description, vendor, receiving location, quantity received, purchase order rate, and amount. The Advanced PDF template for inbound shipment will also be created. 


The requirements were met. Now the client can make use of the changed template and customized button for printing PDF.

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