Cycle Count in NetSuite


One of our US-based clients is a leading distributor and servicer of strut channel, cable trays, fittings, and related products used in electrical and mechanical infrastructure applications in power plants, data centers, solar farms, healthcare facilities, and industrial construction.  

Their vast inventory includes hard-to-find items and finishes like hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum.

They offer competitive pricing along with a helpful and knowledgeable sales team with over a hundred years of combined experience.


Our client has a lot of items in their inventory, so they would not like to count every item in the inventory. They would like to count only items which are backordered and whose stock level falls to zero from the prior day’s sales orders, and they do not add items manually on the inventory count page which are under the above conditions. Those items would automatically be added to the inventory count page under the above conditions. Those items would automatically be added to the inventory count page to reduce the manual effort. 


In order to achieve the goal, our developers use an item search and determine the backorder count of the items through their location. If an item is back-ordered and the stock level falls to zero, those items are transported to the inventory count location. In the inventory count record, under the item subtab, they have added a button labelled “add items.” Client has to click on the “Add items” button on their own. Duplicate items are not added. Other items must be manually selected by the user. 


If the saved search results are higher in the list, the process will be slower. NetSuite will display a warning message if an item is already part of another inventory count record. And it will not be added to the sub list 


Our developers attained the requirements successfully through creating an inventory count and they have added a button called “add items.” In order to fulfil the client’s condition, items are displayed in the item list when clicked on the add button.

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