Generating Item Price Lists with Images Attached in Excel

Pipes & Fittings | New Zealand


What if your ‘n’ number of customers are providing ‘n’ number of items with different prices and offers. Maybe most of the products and their types may be similar. How do you choose the best offer provided? What if you have a complete list of item data for each customer? This case study explains how we achieved this. 

Client Portfolio

A New Zealand-based pipes and fittings support provider approached us to have an item price list for their different customers. They were looking for a faster way to access the item details and prices that each of their customers is offering in an Excel sheet.

Problem Statement

Our client sought a solution for accessing comprehensive item details specific to chosen customers within their NetSuite platform. They required a user-friendly interface where they could select customers, product types, and groups belonging to that customer, generating Excel sheets containing detailed item information, including names, descriptions, and pricing for both single and bulk quantities. Additionally, the client aimed to incorporate customer details and company logos within the Excel files to facilitate enhanced insights into customer offerings.

What We Suggested

Our proposed solution addressed the client’s requirements while enhancing user experience and data accessibility. Key suggestions included: 

Interactive NetSuite Page: Developed a dedicated page within the NetSuite platform, enabling users to select customer-specific product types and groups with ease.

Dynamic Excel Generation: Implemented functionality to dynamically generate Excel sheets containing detailed item information based on user selections. This included item names, descriptions, and pricing for both single and bulk quantities. 

Inserting Images into Excel: Integrated customer details and company logos into the Excel files to offer a complete view of the data. If necessary, images of each item can be added to the corresponding column, providing additional information for buyers.

Customized Excel Formatting: Implemented customized Excel formatting, including adjusted column widths based on character length, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and enhancing usability.


Despite the effective implementation of the suggested solution, we encountered several challenges when attaching images to the sheet. Initial iterations faced compatibility issues with image attachments in Excel files, which limited accessibility across various browsers and applications. However, these challenges were successfully resolved, allowing for the addition of more images if needed.

Customer Success

Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, our client achieved significant success: 

Increased Data Accessibility: Users gained quick access to entire item details tailored to specific customers, enabling deeper insights into customer offerings.

Improved User Experience: The NetSuite page and dynamically generated Excel sheets made the procedure more efficient, which increased user happiness and productivity. Additionally, users gained the option to email the item details to specific recipients.

Better inventory Management: With all items and quantities readily available, users can identify low-stock items, ensure adequate storage, and analyze costs among different customers.

Key Achievements

Reduced manual checking complexity by 60%

Increased sales flow

Way Forward

With this item price listing sheet, you don’t need to check each item’s details in different records. The entire list of items for each customer you opt for will be listed on a single sheet. Check the price range and choose the best. 

Are you looking to efficiently manage the vast number of products and large customers that belong to your business? Do you need a better way to track them and advance your operations? Contact us today to optimize your operations with our customized solutions.