13 Jul, 2020

10 Questions to Ask a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Taking the debates aside, NetSuite is a powerful ERP with the strength to transform the business into a more profitable one within shorter periods of time.

Netsuite implementation can be complex as it involves a set of multifaceted activities in a single stretch. So finding an expert and skilled partner to implement NetSuite defines business success.

So let’s get started asking some valid questions before taking down your process into implementation level.

A better understanding of your business and its underlying processes are very much important in escalating higher-end results. We have gathered some important insights in the form questions you would like to a Netsuite implementation partner.

1. How NetSuite Help My Business to Gain Better Business Advantages?

Netsuite has proven aaplications and functional features that can accelerate business functions. It helps to optimize fragmented business actions in a single cloud platform. Netsuite can enhance operational efficiency and make the business in a process-oriented way.

2. What All Are Pre-Requirements Before Proceeding with NetSuite Implementation?

The decision on Netsuite ERP purchase is made based on the nature and the type of your business. Soon after signing of the contract, the partner will make the BRD plan in a full-fledged way with respect to your business. Then the expert team will run the BRD preparation. After this the partner designs the plan of action and decides the number of users to be added, the number of sandbox and production accounts needs to be included and so on.

3. Is There an Industry-Specific Implementation Strategy?

The implementation strategy and design may be developed purely on the basis of the industry that business organization is dealt with. It is based on the size and operational process that comply with each business operation.

4. Is there an implementation rescue plan in case if implementation may get failed?

Most often the implementation does not go wrong. In case something goes wrong, the partner should have a backup plan to rescue and support the implementation process. 

5. How Long a NetSuite Implementation Will Take to Get Action Onboard?

The duration implementation is based on the size of the industry, customization demands, and other pre-configuration details. Ideally, an industry of small - mid-size may take around 4 months to implement Netsuite if there are not many complex customization requirements to deal with.

6. How Implementation Rescue Support Works?

The partner always keeps a backup plan. They will take necessary steps to fix the error based on the areas where the implementation is affected. It is very subjective and specific to the industry.

7. How Significant the Customization Needs?

If the standard functionality or features of NetSuite cannot be maintained with your Business process then we would go for customization.

8. How Effective Is the Post-Implementation Support and Training Provided?

We will make sure that your employees are provided with intensive training in Netsuite software. This training may be on-site and we have options for providing online training sessions as well. Other than that we provide year-round post-implementation support to the businesses.

9. What Is Your Methodology for Dealing with a Whole Implementation Process?

We create a full-fledged plan to create a plan of action from the initial inception until the go-live and post-implementation rescue time table.

10. Mention About Your Implementation Service Delivery Package: Includes on Associated Costs and Benefits?

The evaluation of the costing is purely on the basis of the business enterprise. But you can expect a cost-effective service delivery while comparing with all other Netsuite service providers.

Netsuite implementation is quite complex than what we might have perceived, there are high risks associated with each of these singular processes. Businesses need to ensure that they are getting the right implementation partners which is significant for their business growth, progress, and well being. 

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