NetSuite Integration

img is a free live chat application to monitor and chat with visitors in real-time on your website. checks on what visitors are searching for and how often they visit your website. The application also initiates a live chat with the visitors and assigns a resource to chat with the visitors. This enables lead conversions and enhances the online customer engagement experience of a business.

One of our Canadian clients required to integrate their account with NetSuite to fetch the visitor details from the web page and store them in NetSuite for lead conversion. The integration facilitates the company to find new customers and to increase their sales. The integration enables the client to easily handle leads, manage the errors that occur during the creation of leads and store the leads in NetSuite with a unique ID.

Integration Process

When a chat takes place in, the application sends the chat details to NetSuite and creates a lead record. The new lead record dynamically saves chat details and default values mentioned by customers. The integration eliminates the repetition of lead records and only one lead record is created for an email address. In addition, if an error occurs during the creation of a lead, then the error lead is stored in another field of the record.

The NetSuite integration reap the following benefits:

1. Seamlessly handle leads generated through

2. Integration handles errors that occur while creating a lead.

3. Checks for duplicate leads before creating a new lead/prospect/customer.

The followings fields are created inside the NetSuite custom record:


Email address

Phone number

Lead Comments

The integration enables the client to store the details of website visitors in NetSuite from and utilize it for lead conversions.

Challenges and Solutions

For reflecting the customer details from to  NetSuite as lead, webhooks are essential. Webhooks help to send the chat details to NetSuite in real-time. However, NetSuite does not support this method. Our developers resolved this issue using a legitimate method.

The Lead ID in NetSuite was automatically copied from the name of the Name field in, This increases the complexity of customer records due to multiple IDs with the same name. So our developers made the Chat ID of tawk as the Lead ID, which is unique.


Our development team delivered a top-notch NetSuite integration based on our client requirements. Through the NetSuite integration, our client can save the details of the visitors using in NetSuite and can use them for lead conversions. This helped our client to enhance their sales and increase their business efficiency.