NetSuite WMS Implementation


One of our clients, a leading distributor and online retailer of premium baby products, had a requirement to implement WMS (Ware House Management System) with additional features in it.  

The warehouse management system covers the entire warehouse activities from receiving and storing items to picking and shipping them.


Our client required us to implement NetSuite WMS along with some additional features including bin location in the warehouse, automatic creation of item receipt (IR) and item fulfilment (IF), control inventory counting, and the ability to view images during object picking, and entering Lot numbers. They also required us to add the option for printing the item label and pallet label.


Our experts analyzed the requirements and implemented NetSuite WMS. They installed a bundle of SuiteApps and examined the system regulations and configurations. Further, they set some rules according to the flow of the business and the warehouse structure with which the employees can work and follow for more effortless operations. With the instructions and functionalities available in the SuiteApp, the processes are automated and other requirements including automatic creation of item receipt and item fulfilment and search inventory were met. We set the configurations to add the print option for item label and print label. 


The requirements of the client were met successfully. The implementation helps them to control their operations efficiently. It also aids them in saving time searching for and handling items in the warehouse. As the items are processed in the warehouse, for every transaction that is completed, it gets updated in the NetSuite inventory data in real-time. It improves inventory accuracy and reduces time spent searching and handling items in the warehouse.