NetSuite Sublist Control with Workflow


Workflow is also called Suiteflow that can automate approval processes on a record. Our client approached us with extra customizations of Sublist control with Workflow.

In NetSuite Workflow supports activities like create, edit and delete records, sending emails, apply validations and so on. It can enhance business specific processes through integration into NetSuite system. Sublist control with Workflow customization includes stages and states of NetSuite records. While implementing for each stage we have to make the actions according to these requirements. The Workflow can move through different states or transitions of a business process. It also has start and end states. To run a Workflow in NetSuite the user has to enable Suiteflow features.

NetSuite workflow allows automating most of the manual business processes and it has the capability to bring the business processes to NetSuite.

Workflows can control the body fields of a transaction record. It cannot edit the sublist fields of a record. So our requirement was to make possible the Sublist control with Workflow. The new release of NetSuite allows this functionality of Workflow.


Our requirement was to enhance the Suiteflow features. New release of NetSuite allows us to enhance the workflows of the item sublist on transaction record. Using Sublist Action Groups we can execute actions on item sublist lines of a transaction record. It is a group of actions assign to a workflow. To take the line item details from item sublist, we are using this customization.

Challenges of Sublist control with Workflow

Only two actions can be performed in item sublist with restrictions placed on the rest. For this approval task of sublist item lines, it is unclear how to start the process. This was the main difficulty our team faced during the implementation processes.

Our solution for Sublist control with Workflow

NetSuite showcases a feature of Workflow that is known as sublist Action Groups. This is a group of actions that are executing on each line of the item sublist. with NetSuite customization, we can make any customization online item details of item sublist using Sublist Action Groups.

Sublist Action Groups includes two types of actions which are ‘Set field value’ and ‘Create record’. Set field value let you set item sublist field values. And create record let you create a record. We can take item sublist as a parameter in Sublist Action Group window. Any sublist of a transaction record can take from this field.

Workflow manager is a drag-and-drop tool used to build workflow in NetSuite.  It includes two interface elements like Diagrammer and Context Panel.


With this process, we can customize the workflow in an easy manner. Item sublist fields can take in workflow by the latest updates, Business processes can create easily with the help of Suiteflow.