Setting Up Reminders in NetSuite

NetSuite provides an extremely useful feature known as the Reminders portlet. This portlet helps to create two types of reminders. One is “transaction reminders” and the other is “activity reminders”.

How to set up Transaction Reminders?

You can create the transaction reminders in an easy five-step process.

1. Go to the “Reminders portlet”. Scroll the down arrow and click “Set Up”

2. Click “Add Standard Reminders”

3. Click a reminder in the left list to move it to the right list and click “Done”

4. Click “Add Custom Reminders”

5. Click “Save”.

How to set up Activity Reminders?

The user can create reminders when creating an activity.

1. Go to “Activities > Scheduling” then move to either Task, Phone Calls, or Calendar/Event”

2. Click “New”

3. Enter the information of your chosen activity and tick “Reserve Time”

4. Add Reminder field and Reminder Type field

5. Click Save