9 Apr, 2021

How NetSuite-eCommerce Integration Accelerates Your Business

NetSuite is mighty when it comes to eCommerce. It can handle financials, inventory, pricing, payments, customers, taxes, billing, vendors, and back-office operations of an eCommerce store. The best part is that you can integrate Amazon, eBay, and Walmart with NetSuite for efficient operation.

Why Integrate with NetSuite?

Data management is key for organizations that grow rapidly. As your business expands, it is difficult to track data and get insights from it. NetSuite helps you to store data in a single place hence making it easy to automate and optimize your business. 

However, data management is not the only aspect that affects a business. In the current scenario, we advise you to have your ERP system and eCommerce platform integrated. When they are independent - everything from product and item information to inventory details is stored in separate locations leading to delay in order processing. 

Currently, eCommerce stores are instantaneous than ever, order processing occurs in seconds, and websites that take more time are simply pushed out of the competition by users. Therefore it is key to optimize your inventory or lose your sales to operational delays.

Challenges in B2B (Business to Business)

When dealing with B2B businesses, the need for integration tightens because deals and prices are often customer-specific. Without a proper catalog or past sales data, the process becomes problematic. NetSuite is a one-stop solution for managing these activities as it integrates across platforms, unifies data, and presents it in an optimized format 24/7. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) is considered the most viable option for B2B organizations operating in areas like manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. 

Take a Look at the 5 Most Common Integration Options:

1. SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)
2. Magento
3. BigCommerce
4. Shopify
5. WooCommerce

The above-listed platforms are considered the front-runners. SuiteCommerce is an ideal choice for NetSuite because it is pre-integrated into the system. There is no additional need to integrate it into the system, and therefore data access from NetSuite becomes effortless. 

Top Benefits Netsuite eCommerce Integration

• Provides the end-user with real-time data while improving automation capabilities.

• Absolute control over business processes from start to finish.

• Integration ensures a seamless navigation experience.

• Considerably reduce human effort in preparing reports.

• Data available in multiple channels are unified and presented in a single platform.

• Integration helps in the movement of inventory across various locations.

• Easily synchronize data across multiple eCommerce platforms.

• Gain insights into marketing strategies as all the information is streamlined.

Personalization is the way forward and NetSuite eCommerce integration will help you achieve it.

The NetSuite eCommerce integration helps you understand the customer journey. It connects all the major customer touchpoints like marketing channels, PoS stores, and eCommerce websites. 

Through integration, a series of related processes like order processing, payment gateways, and inventory management becomes seamless improving the overall customer experience.

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