17 Nov, 2020

How NetSuite is Essential for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a dynamic sector that needs an advanced solution to score market competitiveness. Manufacturers are looking for such technology that can streamline the business process and boost profits. NetSuite has introduced NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, the cutting edge solution to meet this requirement. With the complete Manufacturing Execution System, resource capacity planning features, and finite production scheduling NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is the most advanced tool in the market. 

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing module allows the seamless integration of diverse business aspects into a single system including business financials, inventory, warehouse, production, order management, eCommerce customer information, and much more. Here, we are discussing the top six benefits of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing and how a manufacturer can make the best out of it.

Top 6 Benefits of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing has the most sophisticated functionalities to fuel the profitability of manufacturing businesses. The following are the major benefits of this module.

1. Advanced Features for Discrete/Assembly Manufacturers

NetSuite has inbuilt functionalities for comprehensive Work Bench Records. It acts promisingly on ways to enhance operations routings, labor requirements, quality management, and primary and alternate finite planning parameters. Manufacturers can also utilize the following parameterized configuration benefits such configuration by location, Work Order Records,  work order completion logic, and enhanced bill of materials (BOM).

2. Advanced Manufacturing Unit

NetSuite has an undiminishing capacity for managing the key to eye details of the manufacturing business. It is a powerful yet vertically-integrated solution that generates more profit with Advanced Manufacturing units. It provides tools for planning events and tasks such as work order management, finite capacity planning, and task scheduler. With these tools, manufacturers can effectively plan and manage shop floor and supply chain activities with lower operating costs, improved efficiency, and effective utilization of resources.

3. Components for Batch/Process Manufacturers

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing can easily deal with alternate co-products, assets, and detailed work instructions with Additional supportive functionalities. This provides a provision to track each Batch Lot ID number, First In, First Out (FIFO) material issuance for raw and bulk lot controlled items, as well as enhanced material issuance control.

4. Quality Management

The quality management of NetSuite Advanced manufacturing offers unique customization functions tailored to different needs. It occupies the completely developed customizable Quality Assurance Test and Inspection records and allows the integration of NetSuite’s  File Cabinet content and Workflow engine. Along with this it also facilitates the automatic installation of quality sub-list gets integrated into Workbench Record as well as Inventory Item Master File.

5. Mobile Capability

NetSuite has built-in features for rendering bar code scanning. It is fully integrated, and also there is an advanced feature attached for automated work order completion or material transactions by choosing the location in the configuration setting. Real-time MES reporting of Work Order Completion, Material Issuance, and Downtime is available by connecting the wireless tablet functionality. With these associated features, manufacturers can have access to more visibility to their business operations.

6. Elongated Setup Criteria

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is highly flexible to control the release of work orders and other associated processes. And there are configuration features in the admin setting to maximize the business efficiency and help in earning maximized profit.

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