21 Aug, 2020

NetSuite Vs Microsoft Dynamics 365: What You Need To Know?

Necessity gives birth to outstanding solutions. And we take many options to fetch our needs. Businesses are indeed rushing to adopt cutting edge tools to match up with the dynamic business environment. NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Dynamics are two choices in this category of outstanding business solutions.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite ERP are two leading ERP software available in the market. Both of these systems are game-changers and best solution makers. NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are standing face to face with each other. The irresistible features owned by these systems create a dilemma in choice for business enterprises. 

The effectiveness and suitability of both of these systems mainly depend on the nature of business and the business requirements. We cannot take the chance to predict by saying which one among these two would be going to benefit you more.

So let us get into understanding how these systems work and provide better advantages to your business.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is the #1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with a cloud base, is perfectly blended with businesses of all sizes. This includes small- midsize to large-scale businesses. It offers a group of highly efficient business intelligent applications, from the legacy of Oracle. It combines both CRM and ERP capabilities eCommerce benefits and PSA functions into a single platform.

NetSuite ERP can automate the business process and can bring progress to business. It possesses components such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Human Resource, Business Central, and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an  ERP solution, unifies the various aspects of business processes and actions in a single package. It complies with CRM tools and ERP capabilities in a single platform with features holding flexibility.

Let’s dig into deep; 

So here we are comparing both these systems in terms of functionalities and inherited actions.

Comparison: NetSuite V/s Microsoft Dynamics 365

The following are the major features, capabilities, and functionalities shared by NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

NetSuite ERP

Suite analytics tools for business management.
Audit Trail Visibility.
Tax Management.
Flexible Depreciation Management.
Workflow Management.
Fixed Asset Roll forward.
Integrated Financial Reporting.
Real-time visibility.
360-degree customer view.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unified Client Interface.
Web Client Refresh.
Multi-Select Option Sets.
Activity Timeline.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Sales Forecasting.
Contact management.
Sales dashboards and many more.

NetSuite started as a SaaS and cloud solution. Hence, the best of its functionality is already designed for and built in the cloud. On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics is in the process of converging their functionality tailored to fit in a cloud delivery model. As it previously offered in platforms like  Great Plains, Navision, and Axapta.

1. Flexibility

Both of these platforms are highly flexible and can be customized to fit the user’s business requirements. NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be able to integrate into any third-party systems to gain better advantages. 

But NetSuite ERP challenges the  Microsoft dynamics in terms of flexibility because Microsoft dynamics have limitations on direct accessing of data which may be causing them to experience difficulty while integrating to a third-party system.

2. Scalability

NetSuite has highly scalable features with standardization which prevents over-personalization inside a company. On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a limited breadth of functionalities entitled to offer services across diverse business processes, either in large scale or more complex ways.  And the scalability of the system depends on carrying the diverse aspects of the business.

3. Pricing

MS Dynamics demanded to be an expensive one in comparison with NetSuite ERP. NetSuite ERP is available with $999 per month and also an access cost of $99 per month with respect to each user's access. The NetSuite license operates as a subscription model and may be renewed annually or over longer intervals

Microsoft Dynamics GP will cost you $3,000 to $5,000 per user, multiplied by the number of users and third-party products and annual maintenance combined for an On-Premise solution. Or $230 to $530 per user, per month for a cloud-hosted solution.

Updations and Enhancements

NetSuite ERP has yearly 2 updates which help to keep the system more reliable towards the changing business needs and technologies. 

Whereas Microsoft Dynamic 365 is in the phase of planning to get updates twice a year. And some of the upgrades of Microsoft dynamics are happening without prior notification to the user, this creates a negative impact on the optimized business process.

Why Does Microsoft Dynamics Still Struggle?

The following are some of the identifiable weaknesses or limitations of Microsoft dynamics 365.

1. High capital and operational requirements.
2. No direct database access.
3. Downtime.
4. Minimal user licenses.
5. The minimal regulation Upgrade process.

How Does NetSuite ERP Stand Out in the Crowd?

Even Though Microsoft Dynamics 365 is giving tough competition to NetSuite ERP, it still holds the first position with its exceptional capabilities and functionalities. It is more flexible and customizable. NetSuite is having extensive capabilities to fetch the emerging concerns of each business entity with relatively high benefits. It induces the capacity to learn with the marketing standards and methods helping to make informed decisions within a reasonable cost package. 

When it comes to the perfect fit, Microsoft Dynamics appears to be more suitable for small and mid-size organizations. Oracle NetSuite, however, has a solid ERP product that’s well-received by both small and large businesses. It’s almost a tie to choose the best.

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