Automating Order to Cash Process in NetSuite


A US-based client of ours who is in the specialty distribution business had a NetSuite customization requirement to automate the order to cash process.  


One of the major requirements of our client was to automate processes right from sales order to invoice generation for both cash sales as well as invoice.


One roadblock that our developers faced during the development is that CSV import is not possible with Item Fulfillment, so they had to find an alternative method to reach the solution.


Our developers analyzed and implemented the requirement through CSV import and script. The order to cash process works in a step-by-step method starting with the generation of Sales Order (SO), Item fulfillment (IF) and finally generating an invoice/cash sale. Our experts set up a template and imported the data through mapping. Thus, we were able to seamlessly automate the sales orders.  

But in the case of Item Fulfillment, CSV import is not possible and therefore IF and invoice/cash sale generation is automated via script for the sales orders created by CSV import. This is because the IF is generated only if the lot number is set for all items. (NetSuite needs to understand which ITEM belongs to which LOT.) Our developers created a checkbox in SO for users to specify whether to automate the IF or not. The IF will be generated only if the lot number is set for all the items in SO and IF automate is set to true. 


The customization was successful, and our client now enjoys seamless order to cash automation. NetSuite will automatically generate the Sales Orders entries provided in the Excel sheet. Along with the generation of Sales orders, the corresponding Item Fulfillment, Invoice/Cash sale (depending on payment type) will be generated.