16 Mar, 2021

Unlocking eCommerce Potential Using SuiteCommerce

Ecommerce owners scroll through a long range of site builders while looking for an ideal one that perfectly suits their requirements. NetSuite SuiteCommerce is one such platform where business individuals can seamlessly customize the decisive elements including responsive designs, advanced extensions, and custom themes into their eCommerce store. They can launch their high-end online store in 30 days. 

This blog explains why SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) is the most viable eCommerce site builder out there.

6 Reasons to Choose Netsuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced

1. Backward Compatibility

With time passess websites undergo considerable changes. Without any backward compatibility, it is considerably difficult to adapt to the new upgrades. SuiteCommerce Advanced, makes your sites up-to-date with less maintenance cost for a site builder that is not backward compatible.

2. Accommodating B2B and B2C

A platform that can accommodate both B2B and B2C customers is a massive bonus for eCommerce owners. It eliminates the need for maintaining separate systems. With added functionalities designed for business users, SuiteCommerce offers an engaging experience for both parties simultaneously. Also, various channels and business models can be tested on both entities through a single platform.

3. Unparalleled Shopping Experience

SuiteCommerce specializes in delivering pixel-perfect websites with all modern utilities like faceted navigation, elastic site search, and the ability to save shopping carts for a seamless B2C shopping experience. Jump to B2B, SuiteCommerce then offers key services ranging from online quote requests, viewing account balances, and managing credits.

4. Mobile Friendly

The eCommerce world is now incomplete without a mobile-friendly site. Customize your eCommerce site to standardize the shopping experience across any device - mobile, tablet, or laptop.

5. Build for Future

Site Architecture is probably the crucial deciding factor. With SuiteCommerce, site owners get a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) multi-tenant cloud platform- which means no version lock, a growing pool of extensions, and automatic updates.  

6. Make it Global

SuiteCommerce makes it possible to host global e-commerce operations on a single cloud-based platform. With NetSuite OneWorld, users can manage pricing, compliance, and fulfillment requirements. Also, it is possible to integrate third-party applications for tax calculations and other payment services.

ERP + eCommerce = SuiteCommerce

Native eCommerce solutions like SuiteCommerce put an end to the growing costs of maintenance and provide more flexibility to develop the business.

In a siloed e-commerce system, online orders are probably entered manually, batch imports into your back-end system take time and might even result in errors. SuiteCommerce having a native ERP system (NetSuite) running in the background can effectively deliver orders, automate a series of workflows and manage all the orders through a single platform, thus improving customer experience.  

Role of Extensions in Building an Omnichannel Experience

SuiteCommerce is rich with extensions that add functionality. Growing customer needs can be met through these extensions. A key benefit of SuiteCommerce extensions is that it eliminates the need for customizations as well as editing the code with each upgrade.

Marketing extensions enhance the user experience by showcasing flagship products and bestsellers.

Design extensions provide predefined page layouts for users.

• Integration extensions lift your eCommerce site with the help of powerful tools like Google customer reviews, Facebook Dynamic Ads, and other popular third-party applications.

Extensions play a crucial role in acquiring customers, it can integrate in-store and eCommerce store experiences. With the help of contact extensions, site owners can promote methods like buy online and pick up in-store options. SuiteCommerce provides an extensive range of free extensions to suit customer needs and boost sales.

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