Elevate your CRM by Migrating PPA Accounts from Salesforce to NetSuite

Electronic Appliances | USA


Client Portfolio

A US-based LED manufacturing company approached Jobin & Jismi to migrate their data from Salesforce to NetSuite. As a pioneering company in LED production and application, they serve a wide range of commercial, industrial, and high-tech industries. They required quick and easy access to item pricing details using NetSuite’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities.  

Problem Statement

Our client had been using Salesforce to manage their customer data, sales orders, and pricing agreements, including PPA (Purchase Price Agreement) accounts. Recognizing the benefits and advancements of NetSuite CRM, they needed to migrate the data to improve data readability and facilitate customization. The client sought a solution to optimize their processes, particularly those related to PPA accounts, item pricing, and customer visibility within their sales orders.

What We Suggested 

To address the client’s challenges, and achieve a successful Salesforce to NetSuite migration, we recommended a multi-faceted approach that included:  

CSV (Comma Separated Value) File Import to NetSuite: This involves utilizing NetSuite’s data import functionality to efficiently bring in large datasets. The Price book, PPA accounts and customer data are transferred from Salesforce to NetSuite.

Custom Record Creation: Developed customized records and fields within NetSuite to accommodate PPA agreements, unique customer data, and product information. 

PDF (Portable Document Format) Printing Capability: Enabled users to print order details as PDF documents directly from NetSuite, enhancing document management and customer communication. 

Dynamic Pricing: Configured NetSuite to automatically populate item prices in sales orders based on the associated PPA account. 

Customers can now see different prices for each item within the same sales order, improving pricing transparency and accuracy. 

The migration process came with its own challenges: 

Data Transformation: Adapting and mapping data from Salesforce to NetSuite’s data structure required careful planning and execution, especially for PPA migration. 


Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which include: 

Time Optimization: As the item price auto-populates in the sales order based on the PPA account, it reduces the manual checking process and thus saves time. 

Increased Readability: Clear and structured records made it easier to manage and track PPA accounts and customer data.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers now see precise pricing in sales orders, which helps them choose the most appropriate price for an item 

Improved Collaboration: Customers can easily share order details with other stakeholders, fostering collaboration. 

Key Achievements: 

80% increase in data readability

Significant reduction in Manual work 

Way Forward 

With automated processes, dynamic pricing, and improved customer visibility, the client now operates more efficiently and provides a superior shopping experience to their customers. The Migration of PPA accounts from salesforce highlights the value of a well-executed transition to a platform that aligns more closely with a company’s evolving needs, leading to enhanced success and customer satisfaction. Jobin & Jismi’s expert team is ready to assist with your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and experience the difference!