How NetSuite Dunning Letters Manage Overdue Invoices Effectively



NetSuite Dunning letter is a monotonous notification. Sending an indication to the customer when they have payment overdue. The Dunning letter typically structured as a progression from polite reminders to more strident demands for payment. As the customer failed to be non-responsive in paying on a continuous basis. Dunning letter is a NetSuite SuiteApp to coordinate these functions.


The following denotes the major client requirements regarding NetSuite Dunning letter that we had addressed successfully. Our client is required to automate the process of sending Email reminders to respective customers after and before when the payment is overdue during different time intervals. Our client also wanted to automate all these processes. For sending these Email reminders, they wanted to set up customized email templates. And all the customers in the contact list needed to be aligned with the dunning along with new customer lists should sync automatically from time to time. Our NetSuite Implementation team proactively implemented the NetSuite Dunning Letter for the customer.


NetSuite Dunning letter implementation Challenges

During this entire process our expert team had faced challenges. The difficult part was automating the entire NetSuite Dunning  processes without human intervention. We also need to develop custom dunning templates for sending  dunning letters. Our team underwent challenges while syncing the new customers list with already added contacts for sending the dunning letters.


Our NetSuite Dunning letter implementation team proposed an effective solution to materialize with the requirements perfectly. Our team had successfully created and scheduled 6 dunning levels for sending Email reminders to the customers.

Following are the dunning:

Level 1: 7 days before due.
Level 2: 7 days After due.
Level 3: 14 days After due.
Level 4: 30 days After due.
Level 5: 45 days After due.
Level 6: 60 days After due.

Our team used the dunning letter template created in the English language. And sending Email along with the open invoice as an attachment and not as PDF format. For setting up an automated dunning process, our team has created dunning procedures and assigned them to respective elements.

Below are the methods our expert team used in precision.

  1. Setup Dunning letter Suiteapp.
  2. Setting up PDF templates and Email templates
  3. Automating the dunning letter process based on customer invoice days overdue.


We have successfully accomplished all client requirements for NetSuite Dunning letters and implemented 6 dunning levels for sending E-mails to respective customers. And have successfully automated all these processes without human intervention. And also automatically synced with the dunning data of new customers with the already added data in the contact list which correspondingly reflected in. With our expertise on NetSuite Dunning implementation and deep knowledge in customization, we accomplished success.