SCA Product Specification Extension


The SCA product specification extension for the SuiteCommerce product description page (PDP) is a real help for the business owners. Because with the help of this extension they can provide featured product information to the customer. By default, the product description section is available on any e-commerce product page. However, it may not be sufficient for featuring key features or information of the product. In this scenario, the extension for SCA product specification allows the SuiteCommerce business mangers to place their specific content in place that is beneficial to their customers. And this will easily catch the customer's attention.  Furthermore, the section helps business managers to highlight the important features of a product in brief.

And the customer gets a personalized view of the products in a single view. This extension is boon to the customers because they do not need to read the lengthy product descriptions to know the details about the production. Whereas, the customers can easily read the highlighted description and can make a decision.  This approach increases the sales and likelihood of the customer towards the website. Moreover, the business owners can easily place their products to the targeted audience thereby increases the customer retention rate. It is a useful tool for sales advertising.

Advanced features and capabilities  of SCA product specification extension

The extension is providing the following benefits:

  • Highlighted product description content in PDP
  • Section-wise specification
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales increase

SCA product specification extension is useful for both customers and website users. Therefore, increase sales, and customers can have speedy shopping reading highlighted descriptions. It may increase the customer retention rate and increase the probability of purchasing products. By and large sales and marketing team and get a lot of benefits from the installation of this extension on the SuiteCommerce website.


Are you interested in getting this feature enabled on your website? Please contact us at any time of your convenience by clicking here. We can help you to install and activate the extension. Consequently, this will enhance the performance efficiency of your SCA website.