21 Sep, 2023

What’s New with Mobile Applications Feature in NetSuite 2023 Release 2

NetSuite 2023 Release 2 includes new features and advancements to help your teams maintain resiliency, surpass expectations, and outmaneuver the competition. This surge of fresh attributes expands the mobile functionalities of NetSuite, equipping your workforce with tools in their pockets to simplify operations and enhance the precision of data documented throughout the manufacturing process.  

Smoothly Navigate Between More Personalized Apps 

In the NetSuite 2023.2 update, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) mobile app undergoes notable enhancements in user experience. Within this app, your team members can seamlessly transition between roles such as NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS), Quality Management System (QMS), Manufacturing Mobile, Smart Count, and Ship Central. This newfound capability enables them to perform multiple tasks concurrently without the necessity to log out or revert to the original NetSuite interface. 

The most recent version of the SCM mobile app favors user choices as well. Data table columns that have been sorted are now automatically saved, allowing individual users to retain their preferred display. Rather than having to reconstruct the setup with each adjustment, administrators have the convenience of making multiple changes, saving them, and then generating the app configuration once all modifications are complete. 

The NetSuite 2023.2 update brings improvements to NetSuite Quality Management Supervisors. They can now assign operators to inspections during the inspection creation process, and automatic emails will notify them of the assignment. With expanded settings for inspection queues, processes, and default searches, the app now supports a broader range of business types. 

Gain a Better Understanding of the Manufacturing Process 

Many manufacturers are under pressure to enhance operational efficiency while lowering expenses. NetSuite 2023.2, which includes the Manufacturing Mobile App, provides them with more information about their operations. In addition to consumption and production amounts, the software now allows operators to enter scrap quantity. Including scrap quantities provides teams with a more complete picture of the actual cost of a work order and identifies possibilities to further decrease scrap. 

Enhance Speed and Precision in Picking and Counting 

Utilizing NetSuite WMS upgrades enables the enhancement of warehouse picking efficiency, leading to quicker order fulfillment with reduced exertion. Through the novel Bulk Pick Assignment tool, managers can allocate or reallocate pickers to numerous tasks. For those implementing wave picking techniques, the need for repetitive manual entry of wave criteria is eliminated, as unique wave criteria templates can be established to specify the exact orders slated for picking. 

Selected the incorrect item? Not a problem. In NetSuite 2023.2, pickers can undo picks and relocate the item to their desired bin, avoiding the need to return it to the initial bin. Furthermore, for the tally scan during receiving processes, rather than individually scanning each item type, operators can now perform a continuous scan across various item types to efficiently receive all items within the purchase order or inbound shipment. 

While utilizing NetSuite Smart Count, operators can decode sophisticated GS1 (Global Standards) GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) barcodes. This enhancement enables Smart Count to categorize and collate information embedded within barcodes, encompassing details like units of measurement, serial numbers, and lot numbers. Operators can establish Smart Count configurations grounded in inventory balance and transaction inquiries to address scenarios such as low inventory levels or rapid transaction rates. They can also tweak counting and accounting for deviations to their specific needs. For example, they may choose to disregard a serial or lot number until a deviation is identified, so saving time in the counting process. 

Reduce Shipping Expenses

NetSuite Ship Central currently allows you to compare shipping prices, generate international shipping and return labels, and carry out complex weight cost calculations using your company's average and carton tare weights as a basis. Furthermore, Ship Central is expandable for the shipment of orders packed using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or WMS workflows, supplementing the versatility and efficiency of the packing process through the Ship Central application. 

NetSuite 2023.2 enhances Ship Central's performance, user-friendliness, and scalability. Prominent benefits include reduced shipping expenses, global distribution capabilities, and enhanced adaptability due to the introduction of new preferences and cost computations. 

Increased Automation for Shopify and Amazon Processes

Businesses that make use of Shopify or Amazon will encounter improved connections between these platforms and NetSuite via the NetSuite Connector, resulting in numerous benefits. Notably, Shopify payments are now automatically reconciled with NetSuite, eliminating the

necessity for manual reconciliation, and expediting the accounting procedure. Rather than the process of exporting data from Shopify and then either importing it or manually inputting it into NetSuite as a journal entry, companies now have the seamless ability to transfer payout reports to NetSuite as comprehensive deposit records. 

Businesses now have the option to procure shipping services directly from Amazon, with automatic linkage of fulfillment back to NetSuite. The Shipping Label Sync streamlines not just the customer order fulfillment process but also eliminates the requirement for purchasing labels manually. Also, where applicable, it can reduce costs by utilizing preferential rates. 

NetSuite draws on decades of global experience to create a proven path to success. Implementations, from sales to support, are streamlined for predictable go-live times, ensuring continuity throughout the customer journey. Reach out to Jobin & Jismi, an accredited Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, for further insights into NetSuite 2023 Release 2.