30 Dec, 2022

How NetSuite Improves Online Ecommerce Experience?

E-commerce is what has empowered small and medium-sized enterprises to confront larger and more established competitors. Brands adopting direct-to-consumer business models can effectively convert traffic, recruit, and retain new clients. They can also deliver a spectacular user experience through the utilization of the best software and talent.   

To stand out, brands need to compete on more than just quality and price. The e-commerce site is the face of your company. You need to provide fantastic online user experience and excellence across all aspects.  

Positive user experiences that are consistent foster brand loyalty and contribute to the long-term value of customers. Leading research and advisory firm Forrester says that brands excelling in customer experience grow at a higher rate.  

Every detail counts when it comes to optimizing customer experience. Customers in the B2B and B2C sectors anticipate thrill and excellence at every touchpoint. They include online shopping, receiving emails or text messages and interacting with sales representatives and customer service. 

Why Use NetSuite for Online Shopping?

In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, businesses are constantly in search of methods to streamline their operations. They are also exploring ways to improve customer experience and remain ahead of the competition.  

One game changing solution in this area is Oracle NetSuite. This comprehensive ERP solution goes beyond the traditional confines of enterprise resource planning.   

The solution develops captivating online experiences with a variety of features. They bring people to online retailers, boost online sales, and increase traffic. NetSuite provides a unified commerce platform that effortlessly combines diverse business processes.  

For online shopping, inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management are all integrated into a single, centralized system.   

Pre-defined commerce reports enable clear, actionable insights. KPIs, help you run your business more wisely. Businesses may offer individualized and multichannel experiences across the web, in-store, and mobile channels. They do so by integrating the SuiteCommerce solution with key NetSuite operating processes.

NetSuite Benefits for eCommerce

A full-stack solution provides liberty over devices.

One platform to serve both B2B and B2C, as well as various stores.

Businesses can gain insights into inventory levels, order statuses, and customer interactions in real-time.

Simple to use and enables new additions via extensions.

Without any integrations, it is highly scalable. 

It integrates with other NetSuite tools including order and inventory management, CRM, and ERP.

Seamless commerce joins all aspects of a multi-channel, multi-location business. They include e-commerce, POS, order management to inventory, financials, and support. 

A NetSuite-integrated mobile point-of-sale system provides sales associates with the tools. It also provides the information to assist and engage customers.

Orders from numerous channels- POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosk all managed in one spot.

What Exactly is NetSuite SuiteCommerce?

SuiteCommerce, NetSuite's ecommerce solution, assists B2B and B2C retailers in providing relevant online experiences. You can increase online revenue by driving more traffic to web stores.

One can also convert consumers into customers. You can also increase online sales with a mobile-optimized, feature-rich cloud e-commerce platform. This is simple to operate and improve.   

SuiteCommerce operates as an integral part of the NetSuite suite of cloud-based business management applications. It integrates e-commerce with core NetSuite operational business systems. It delivers a unified view of customers, order, inventory, and other important data. 

This helps you to build seamless, cross-channel, customized retail experience. It enables real-time visibility throughout your organization while powering personalized and relevant cross-channel experiences.  

NetSuite offers e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) solutions. This assists organizations in transitioning away from fragmented online and in-store channels. It also helps them smoothly connect with all customer touchpoints.   

SuiteCommerce is a single platform that enables both B2C and B2B e-commerce. Provide consumers with the engaging and tailored experiences they expect. This comes as your B2B site provides a rich B2C-like experience. There are additional capabilities to serve corporate users.

Advantages of NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Architecture that is simple to maintain without a ‘version lock’ and automated updates.

A fast and efficient site experience provided by a well-optimized network. It delivers content, and improves productivity, resulting in greater engagement and conversion.

To create a storefront quickly pre-built, flexible, feature-rich templates are available.

Allows easy site management, editing, and scheduling of website modifications through intuitive drag-and-drop features.

Increase website traffic by boosting SEO and marketing elements.

Monitor and handle customer accounts from a single site.

One can use dashboards to get corporate information and data.

Responsive web design capabilities, ensuring a consistent and optimized online shopping experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Real-time data visibility into inventory levels, order statuses, and customer interactions.   

Supporting omnichannel commerce, across various channels, such as online, in-store, and mobile.  

Streamlines order processing and fulfillment, along with supporting multiple sales channels and complex pricing structures.

Issues resolved by NetSuite Commerce

Fragmented Retail Experiences

Using a single source of customer, order, and inventory data, unify the online and in-store purchasing journeys.

Delays in customer orders

Consolidate order processing to increase customer happiness while delivering purchases quickly, reliably, and economically.

Supplier management is inefficient

Integrate international distribution and supply chains to share real-time information. It improves coordination and response, and reduces time to market.

Data from a variety of sources

Consolidate scattered sources of customer, order, and inventory data into a single repository to gain real-time visibility across your organization.

Inconsistent User Experience Across Devices  

Incorporates responsive web design, ensuring a consistent and optimized online shopping experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.   

Financial Management Complexity  

Integrated with financial modules, SuiteCommerce automates processes such as invoicing, revenue recognition, and financial reporting.   

Analytics and Reporting  

Provides robust analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to gain insights into their e-commerce performance.   

NetSuite is a unified and complete solution for any e-commerce shop to manage data, sales transactions, and payments. You can integrate it with other prominent e-commerce solutions and stores as well.   

Which ECommerce platforms Allow Integration with NetSuite?

Almost all major e-commerce systems now support NetSuite integration. NetSuite is a proven, robust e-commerce solution provider. It prompts all major platforms to develop plugins to ease seamless integration.   

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), Magento 2.0, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, and WooCommerce are some of the top e-commerce CMS systems. One needs to mention them for NetSuite connection with your e-commerce store. NetSuite integration with Magento is already popular, with several leading e-commerce sites using it.

How NetSuite eCommerce Integration Makes Shopping Like Never Before?

The software is the premier unified e-commerce platform. It is because of the professional and expertise-driven way it manages data. Simple and engaging shopping experience make this solution hugely popular.

NetSuite enables efficient and pinpoint accuracy data processing, as well as process automation.

Allows a smooth browsing experience that encourages visitors to make genuine retail transactions.

NetSuite Integration eliminates or lessens the need for human interaction in critical processes like monitoring and data transfer. As a result, accuracy and precision improve.

The NetSuite Unified system enables consolidated information management across several channels.

The NetSuite Integrated service aids in data synchronization over numerous e-commerce websites.

Customers value user experience because they anticipate meaningful and consistent interactions with the business they deal with regularly. E-commerce sales are expanding by double digits year after year. Firms wanting to compete must focus on technologies that boost online brand awareness and provide compelling customer experiences.   

With NetSuite e-Commerce solves all data management, customer analytics, and shopping experience problems. It has compiled a collection of the best practices from tens of thousands of global deployments over the last two decades.   

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