15 Jul, 2020

Top 5 Reasons for NetSuite’s Success Over QuickBooks

While looking back, Quick books were holding a major position in helping to wheel the business of small and medium enterprises. But the constant progress and growth awakened the need for better advancements in maintaining and managing the business operations. As long as the needs are unable to serve by primary financial management and basic CRM and eCommerce capabilities.

A strong business needs the best solutions to lead the business into a successful one.

So businesses are in search of the best !!!

In this regard, Netsuite introduced a solution for the emerging concerns of the businesses. The functions of Quick books haven’t grown enough to fetch the needs of the dynamic business world. Whereas Netsuite is flexible enough to approach this growth and progress in a way stronger than ever with a cloud base.

The reputations held by both of the business softwares are highly accountable. Quick books designed for managing small businesses hence, NetSuite eligible enough to face the growing business needs and acted as a transition maker.

Even Though both of these software are trying to make room for innovation and growth, in order to save money, increase scalability and business growth.

Let’s get into a comparison of NetSuite vs QuickBooks products, which we might have failed to notice before.

Top 5 Reasons Why Netsuite Outgrowing Quick Books

1. The convergence of diverse business functions

Netsuite, the leading ERP solution based on the Cloud platform, converges diverse business functions into a single suite. With Netsuite ERP companies can automate front and back-office processes including financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management, etc whereas QuickBooks offers a framed set of software solutions for managing the business in small financial settings. It deals with payroll, inventory, sales, and other specific requirements to run business operations in a small or medium platform.

2. Regular updates and enhancements

Netsuite is having 2 regular updates every year naming as Netsuite releases. In each release, Netsuite delivers enhancements and updates to match up with the changing dynamics of business equations. However, Quick doesn’t have these benefits of regular updation or modifications, the major updates may happen on quarterly basis and the user can update their purchased version to the new version.

3. Cloud operational platform

Netsuite runs the whole business in a cloud platform. So the customers can access the following benefits; it increases the scalability, business continuity, collaboration efficiency, and so on. Users can have flexibility in their work practices and run the system irrespective of the geographical boundaries. And it is a platform way safer than ever because the data are stored in the cloud eliminating the possibility of data loss due to unprecedented accidents. Netsuite platforms are accessible to automatic updates as it still has a cloud base this makes the updates easier to process. 

Even Though the Quick books are running on cloud technologies but the scope of operations are limited than ensuite functionality and features. Quick books are designed to capture the accounting needs whereas  Netsuite is capable of running the whole business functions irrespective of the industries and size of the business.

4. Accurate business operations

Netsuite has exceptional features in generating accurate business insights through suite Analytic features. It generates reports and charts that are able to analyze the business functions and forecast business changes. And the business intelligence features help to improve business performances by helping to make informed business decisions on real-time metrics and role-based dashboards. Quick books on the other hand dealing with solely primary operations of financial business management.tt's hard to be agile and responsive when creating business decisions.

5. Flexible for integration and customization

Like the common nature of cloud platforms, Netsuite is flexible enough to integrate with any other platforms. It is flexible as the user can customize the same according to the specific needs of the business.  Netsuite addresses the unique needs and customizes to meet the exact business demands which quick books failed to address.

Why Make a Transition to Netsuite?

Many companies are turning to the cloud to lower their operating costs and to strengthen competitive advantage. Extracting the essence of best solutions available marking the compatibility and scalability of business, Netsuite.the #1 cloud ERP solution effectively offering software solutions for enterprises of any size. it optimizes the business operations and eases the complex business functions. Facilitating the key actions in a single platform. Netsuite helps to manage inventory, track financials, host e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Faster Your Growth

If you are aiming for a leading business growth, we would love to suggest Netsuite ERP: the platform which is having the power to transform your business and enhance your business operations.  scales up your business. See how it grows and evolves into a major one. Implement NetSuite and enhance the possibility of your business growth and success.  

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