Artist Royalty Report


NetSuite supports plenty of reports out of the box and these reports can meet different business demands. To retrieve, present and analyse the exact real-time business skills – NetSuite introduces a variety of reporting features. With these advanced reports of NetSuite, data are increasingly visible to customers.

If a report does not meet any business requirement we can customize it by using NetSuite standard report builder. We can apply certain filters also to modify the reports. According to our client’s requirements, Jobin & Jismi has customized a NetSuite report – called Artist Royalty Report. This report can be useful for any business scenario and the service providers can make it useful by making the reports with varying business criteria.


In the existing system of this customisation, there is one NetSuite search which has the information needs to create the Artist Royalty Report. The main objective of this NetSuite customization is to generate a report of their service providers (Here it is Artists). The user has to select a particular Artist and want to print the report for different time frames in a predefined format. The user wants to generate either individual report or multiple reports for a particular time frame saved as PDFs and then be able to batch email the reports to the artist based on the email stored on their contact card.

The requirement also consists of display quarterly report to show the monthly total also.  Furthermore, the client requires a summary report and send a batch email.

Challenges of Artist Royalty Report

The main challenge while doing this customisation is in the creation of separate reports. It is some more difficult to show values for separate monthly reports like quarterly and summary.

Our Solution for Artist Royalty Report

Jobin & Jismi provides a sufficient solution for this customization requirement. We propose a system with a user interface (UI). Using this system the user can select the artist and the time frame for which user want to print the royalty report. By clicking the ‘Download Report’ button the system generates the royalty report of a selected artist or multiple artists.

While doing this customization, firstly our expert team creates a user interface. The UI creates a sublist of details of the selected Artists. Secondly, we are creating a downloadable report. In the following phases, our team makes multiple reports and send an email. If it is essential, the downloadable report can be saved in NetSuite file cabinet.

Single report of multiple Artists

We provide an option for generating a single report of multiple artists. While giving the required filters on the UI, the user can generate the report as they wish. There is an option for ‘Save to file cabinet’. The user can save the generated file onto NetSuite file cabinet.

Summary report

The user can generate a summary report from this custom functionality. By applying the filters and press ‘Summary report’ button, they can make the report. This report also can be downloadable and saved to NetSuite file cabinet. Send mail’ option is used for sending the report to the corresponding Artists.

In brief, the main features generate a report of all the artists and also generate reports for the single artist in any time frame. The Report can be downloadable to the user on click of ‘Download Report’. The monthly report shows the product details of one particular artist. The quarterly report shows the product details of all the artists within the time period. Furthermore, the summary report shows the names and costs of particular artists.

This customization helps to download a PDF report. And this saves into the file cabinet. Also, it facilitates the batch email send process. Batch emailing sends the report to the particular artist within a time period, only after the report had saved into the file cabinet. In a summary report, the user has to select the artist name and date to apply. It results in an Artists Summary Report.


Nowadays, every company is looking for sustainable growth. Our unique Customization solution helps our client to enhance our Client’s business process.

    • PDF report of selected artists.
    • Multiple reports and send an email.
    • Quarterly report to show the monthly total
    • Summary report
    • Send batch email.