Netsuite CallMonkey Integration


Our client approached us for getting an integrated solution for managing their CRM with CallMonkey. CallMonkey is a call center managing software. It facilitates so that our client can deliver on their promise to their customers. We have done NetSuite – CallMonkey Integration.

Effective customer relationship management(CRM) is crucial for the success of any business. In NetSuite, we can make different leads and these leads are the first step in NetSuite.It represents potential customers. Likewise in CallMonkey, there are different addresses. The appointments will be fixed with these leads in NetSuite.

In NetSuite – CallMonkey Integration we are creating lead records in NetSuite account.The lead account is then linked with CallMonkey call center and lets them qualify addresses. CallMonkey will then schedule the appointments with these leads.


Our client requires integration of NetSuite ERP with CallMonkey for seamlessly connecting to their leads. If any Lead record is created in the NetSuite account that information should be passed to the CallMonkey for fixing appointments with the leads. Once the appointment is fixed the lead record should be a closed one in the NetSuite account.

The leads created in NetSuite will sync with CallMonkey account through this integration. In CallMonkey platform they can create appointments with these leads. After the appointments are scheduled the corresponding status will be changed so that the sales rep can understand the corresponding appointment status in NetSuite.

This integration is essentially required by our client because it can operate a seamless transition between both platforms.

Challenges of NetSuite – CallMonkey Integration

The main difficulty was to find a viable solution for checking the status of leads in the CallMonkey software. Once the appointment with the leads fixes so that status is updating in the CallMonkey software, we need to get that information in NetSuite for continued business processes. Another challenge our team faced is that of the field validation when creating a lead record in CallMonkey account.

Our solution for the Integration of NetSuite ERP with CallMonkey

One way around the challenges is that our expert team uses suite script and saved search functionalities of  NetSuite. They use User event and scheduled scripts for the Implementation. A schedule script is developing for checking the status of the leads in the CallMonkey software, this will automatically check the status within specified time intervals.

Integration Steps

Our development team uses different functions in the UserEvent script. A lead record is creating by this user event script. To get the name Key and option Key they use field search and option search functions by making a search in employee records to get entity id.  In the post-submit function, it selects all necessary fields from NetSuite.

A search is created in Lead records to get the internal id and the CallMonkey address of leads. The update status function is used to set status, appointment and sales rep to lead record. If the lead has an appointment from CallMonkey then it will set the status, appointment and sales rep.  The script will check whether sales rep from CallMonkey is available and when not, it will set up sales rep function. If the lead has no appointment then it sets only lead status.


CallMonkey integration allows our client to meet their customer goals while also increasing their revenue. It is a telemarketing software that can identify the leads and allow them to schedule appointments. NetSuite – CallMonkey Integration helps our client to easily manage their customers because our team has profound knowledge in the field of NetSuite Integration.

Our expert developer team successful in developing an effective solution for integrating NetSuite ERP  with CallMonkey software. We generate a lead record in NetSuite by validating the field conditions in CallMonkey. Then set the status, appointment and sales rep updates from CallMonkey to NetSuite. This update also schedules so that our client can know of any change immediately.  By this integration, our team can provide brilliant solutions for our client to easily meet their business goals.