Subsidiary Implementation on NetSuite


Client Portfolio

A leading education company headquartered in Singapore approached Jobin & Jismi for reducing their manual work through NetSuite subsidiary implementation. 

Founded in 2014, the company is popular as one of the path-breaking global innovators in education. The firm’s education system improves thinking and problem-solving skills of children. The edtech firm aims to make children more confident and ready for competitive workplaces. Its education program is an integrated curriculum, teacher training and assessment tool for K-8 school and out-of-school education. It introduced an inquiry-based constructivist approach that uses hands-on activities followed by reflection and feedback.  

Its flagship school program reached close to two million children, upskilled and certified over 100,000 teachers in thousands of schools. The company is actively serving in 8 countries, including India, Singapore, and the Middle East. In India, students in nearly 20 states got benefitted from this company’s services. 

Problem Statement

The firm operates businesses under its six subsidiaries in India and abroad. As one of the leading firms in the field, they need to manage bulk data as part of their business.  

Being an active client of Jobin & Jismi, they sought our service to add their subsidiaries based in India to the NetSuite platform. Our experts have tried to meet their requirements and impressed them with our services. We have been providing various support including meeting small requirements of the firm since 2021.Hence, they were confident enough to approach us to set up two subsidiaries based in Singapore on the ERP.  

They took the move after facing too much workload in entering the data on Excel sheets. When they realized that adding each entry to  Excel sheets was a time-consuming task and required a lot of manual work, they decided to find a solution with subsidiary implementation on NetSuite 

What We Suggested

Our experts analyzed their requirements and efficiently implemented each on NetSuite. Initially, we had an idea about their business and requirements. Hence, the requirement analysis was an easy task. Our experts discussed this with the client and took note of their requirements. The professionals at Jobin & Jismi envisaged a perfect plan to achieve the goal. 

Subsidiary implementation was carried out as per the client’s requirements. One of the two subsidiaries was the parent company of the firm. They wanted to add a few data of the subsidiaries on the ERP. Data including customers, vendors, employees, contacts, items, fixed assets, Chart of Accounts, cost centers, locations, classes, tax codes and tax schedules were added to NetSuite. Though huge records were available, they preferred to upload data from June 2022. Hence, the professionals at Jobin & Jismi consolidated the data from the excel sheets and migrated it to the ERP. Since we already possessed the data of the firm in our previous records, we cross-checked the details of various records including accounts. 

Interestingly, our experts completed the process without interrupting the firm’s existing business processes. Necessary action was also taken to complete the initial setup to meet the requirements of the firm. Before submitting the project to the company, our experts verified that their business process runs smoothly. We managed to complete the project within six months. Our experts integrated the data into NetSuite as per the requirements of the client and assisted them to accelerate their businesses to new heights. 

Customer Success

With the subsidiary implementation on NetSuite, the firm’s productivity  increased. They managed to reduce their manual labor by replacing Excel sheets with NetSuite. Now, they can manage all their transactions properly through NetSuite.  

Earlier, managing the records of customers, vendors, employees, contacts, items, fixed assets, customers, Chart of Accounts, cost centers, locations, classes, tax codes and tax schedules on an Excel sheet was a cumbersome task for the edtech firm. Hence, the migration of the whole data from these records helped them to access all operations on the ERP system. 

Since the data has been migrated to the cloud-based platform, the edtech firm can access all its records 24X7 from any computer. The firm also integrated the operations of all its departments with the subsidiary implementation on NetSuite. 

Our service assisted them in consolidating their business operations onto a single platform. They discovered that NetSuite subsidiary implementation made their operations run more smoothly. It is observed that they were relieved from the hectic tasks tangled up on the Excel sheets. Now, they use NetSuite for their day-to-day business activities under all subsidiaries. As the business operations became more automated, the firm’s performance and revenue generation improved as well. The edtech firm is completely satisfied with the service of Jobin & Jismi and looks forward to continuing the association.