21 Sep, 2021

NetSuite to Salesforce Integration

NetSuite ERP is a cloud ERP solution that helps medium-sized businesses want to grow into large enterprises. This solution offers complete automation to the business processes of a company. With NetSuite, a company can easily manage its finance, revenue, billing, inventory, and orders.  In addition, NetSuite provides real-time visibility into every operation of a company from anywhere in the world at any time. Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM)  software based on cloud computing. It can supercharge all parts of the company that deals with customers. This includes sales, commerce, marketing, and customer support. With Salesforce CRM, businesses can better serve customers and increase their marketing potential.

The NetSuite integration provides a seamless path from lead management to enhancement in revenue, increasing your company's cash flow and minimizing possible errors from manual order entry.

Benefits of NetSuite Salesforce Integration

Real-time visibility of data and streamlines procedures

The integration helps to streamline many processes that a business must consistently complete. Here, two software solutions integrate all the activities of an organization to provide real-time data visibility for efficient decision making, offer workflows to streamline processes, help businesses to enhance their productivity, and provide a platform for better collaboration.

When processes streamline, both programs can help a company better manage its assets. This includes items for sale and items recently purchased. With the help of two software programs, businesses can know the exact amount of goods available to process orders.

Another efficient process involves tracking sales and revenue. Through integration, it is possible to know how much money a company is getting right away. When a sale occurs, the software will record it immediately so that the company knows when and what the money was for. This enhances the efficiency in managing the cash flow. In addition, the integration helps companies to evaluate how many new customers they are getting and how they are getting these customers. This helps companies to analyze and implement the right methods to achieve more customers in the future.

The software automates the ordering process of a company and provides the employees with the details of the order and start the shipment procedures. In addition, it reduces manual errors in business processes. As a result, they can satisfy their customers in the best possible way.

Enhancement in cash flow efficiency and productivity rate of employees

Both platforms have substantial benefits of enhancing cash flow efficiency and team productivity. NetSuite provides accounting software that enables companies to prepare financial statements, monitor cost management, terminate monthly bookkeeping, and provide revenue management. Additionally, the software delivers visibility to the company's financial performance. 

NetSuite and salesforce can also improve overall productivity. Both help employees to collaborate more easily. All members of the teams can interact effectively and provide regular updates on available inventory, processed orders, and customer acquisitions. By working more efficiently together, a business can have a more productive set of employees using NetSuite as an Enterprise Resource Planning software and Salesforce as Customer Relationship Management software.

Easy accessibility to client information

NetSuite and Salesforce benefit businesses with easy access to important and valuable client information. This provides customer information, manages subscriptions and their renewals, tracks referrals, checks on the pending orders, and offers scalability. With more accessible customer information, businesses can better keep track of the customers they serve. They can find important customer information more quickly and efficiently. As a result, they can fetch the data to manage their customers in a more efficient way.

In addition to facilitating data acquisition and development, the software allows any business to track its orders well. The software streamlines, allowing companies to easily access data related to recent orders. This allows faster processing of the order and ensures it is sent to customers on time.

Using the software allows a business to cross-sell or sell products. It also helps companies in selling related products to customers who have already purchased a product. In addition, the company can offer the customers new features, plans, or extensions in warranties based on the customer’s purchase. These help companies to enhance their sales, provide proper customer support and boost up their income.

How to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite?

The main aim of the integration of Salesforce to NetSuite is to transfer data between them. it is not compulsory to integrate each and every module within NetSuite and Salesforce. The integration of modules is done on the basis of the business requirements to enhance the efficiency of the business. 

The common methods to integrate the software:

Through NetSuite and Salesforce API integration services

Integration with the Salesforce and NetSuite APIs is more flexible because our developers can build the entire integration process from the base and customize based on the business requirements of the company. We are experts in 3rd party tools like Celigo and DellBoomi.

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