NetSuite Sage Pay Integration


NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that fully automates the business operations of a company and manages its inventory, accounting, finance, human resources, and customer relationship. In addition, NetSuite offers real-time visibility to every operation of a company and its subsidiaries around the world at any time. 

Sage Pay is a leading payment service provider (PSP) in Europe. Sage Pay processes card transactions securely, preventing fraud and security breaches. Additionally, Sage Pay offers complete security to the details shared by the customers during the transaction and makes the payments faster without any hassles.

Client Requirement

One of our UK-based clients required integration of Sage Pay with NetSuite to enhance the payment processes of their customers. The client needs to include a Sage Pay payment option in the sales order and set up a refund process for the customers. The integration enables the client to offer a secure and faster payment option to their customers and helps to enhance the customer experience.

The client requirements were:

• Pay by Sage Pay button in sales order
• Refund by Sage Pay to the customer

Integration Process

On the sales order record, a button called ‘Pay by Sage Pay’ is shown to the user. On clicking the button, a payment form with the details of the customer, orders are pre-populated by referring to the corresponding Sales Order. There, the user needs to add the card, expiry month, expiry year, and CVC for making the payment.  Sage Pay validates every card detail before moving to the payment process and provides a confirmation message to the user when the payment is complete. On the successful completion of the payment, a customer deposit is created for the Sales Order and Sage Pay payment reference. Since Sage Pay is handling the payment, no information related to the credit card is stored in NetSuite.

For refund, a button called ‘Refund by Sage Pay’ is created in the customer deposit record. The user should refund from customer deposit if invoices are not generated and from the credit memo if invoices are created. The user is notified based on the outcome of the refund.

Benefits of NetSuite Sage Pay Integration

• Makes the payment process easier for the customer.
• Faster transaction processes.
• Enhance the customer experience with a hassle-free payment method.
• NetSuite is not storing the details of cards.
• Provide a fast and easy refund to customers.
• Auto populates customer and order details in the payment form.


Our expert team did the NetSuite integration with Sage Pay in a successful way and our client now reap all the benefits of the integration. Sage Pay helped the client to enhance their customer experience and payment method, which automatically assisted them to boost their sales and efficiency in the business. This integration helped our clients to collect more value from NetSuite and increased their confidence in the business.

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