How to Simplify eCommerce Payments with CardPointe Integration


Client Portfolio

A US-based Consumer Electronics and Computers Retailer company approached Jobin & Jismi to ease their accounting process. They are the supplier of cell phone and telecommunication equipment to businesses. They want to integrate the CardPointe system with their eCommerce site which will speed up their order process and ensure speed payment while using credit cards. CardPointe is a secured credit card handling option offered by CardConnect, a powerful payment processing platform. 

Problem Statement

Our client wanted to integrate the CardPointe payment platform with their SuiteCommerce website securely to streamline the credit card payment method. They identified that the manual payment processing was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. The client needed a solution to automate this crucial aspect of their business. 

What We Suggested 

To address the client’s requirements, we developed a custom solution that involves integrating CardPointe with eCommerce and NetSuite for the entire process. Our solution involved the following steps: 

1. Extension in NetSuite: We developed a custom extension in NetSuite, specifically designed to integrate the CardPointe payment platform seamlessly with the eCommerce website. 

2. Automated Payment Link Generation: Once a sales order is created in NetSuite, our custom extension automatically generates a unique payment link.

3. User-Friendly Transaction Process:When customers choose the credit card payment option during checkout on the website, the payment link is triggered. The payment transaction is processed securely through CardPointe, ensuring data safety. 

4. Order Status Update and Invoice Creation: After successful payment processing, the sales order record status is automatically updated to reflect the payment. 

Customer Success

Before implementing this solution, the client had to manually handle payment processing by contacting associated personnel which led to delays in order fulfillment. With the CardPointe integration, the client experienced significant improvements:

Payment Automation: The automated system reduced the time and effort required to process payments, allowing the client to focus on other core business activities. 

Accuracy: Manual errors in payment processing were virtually eliminated, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction. 

Customer Experience: Their clients experienced a smoother and more secure payment process, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, after successful payment, a thank you message will be sent to the customer via email, confirming the success of the order payment. 

Key Achievements: 

40% reduction in payment processing time 

Manual payment process has been completely eliminated 

Way Forward 

By integrating CardPointe with their SuiteCommerce website, our client successfully simplified their payment processing and order fulfillment, leading to a more efficient and customer-centric eCommerce operation. Jobin & Jismi is here to help you with any changes you need, big or small. We will give you the support that is perfectly suited to your needs.