What’s Quantity on Hand Field in NetSuite Inventory Valuation Report

There are cases where the Inventory Valuation report shows different quantities in comparison to the quantity on the actual transaction. The reason for the transaction quantity and the quantity on the Inventory Valuation report is because there is a Unit of Measure set on the Item record.

The Unit of Measure shown on the Inventory Valuation Report depends on the unit selected in the report. By default, the Unit of Measure on the Inventory valuation report is set to stock.

We can change the Unit of measure quantity in the Inventory Valuation detail report by using the below steps.

• On the customize view of the report select the Quantity On Hand column (this will become green)

• Below this field, you can see a Units of Measure field,

• Set the Unit of Measure to Sales to match the quantity field value to sales transactions

The Unit of measure field set on the report determines at what Units the Quantities are. We can select between Base, Stock, Purchase, and Sales.