5 Nov, 2021

NetSuite for Plastics and Rubber Manufacturers

Plastic and Rubber manufacturers are the leading industries facing the biggest challenge because of outdated technology. To stay in the race, they must become active players in the technology ecosystem, seeking expertise to upgrade their IT footprint. They spend a lot of time and money managing business processes but the lack of efficiency reduces the impact on their production. To overcome all these problems we need a robust technology framework.

NetSuite ERP streamlines business processes and frees up time and resources needed to grow innovation and stay competitive.

Take a look at the key benefits of NetSuite manufacturing:

1. Integrated with warehouse management, supply chain management, vendors portal, human capital management, and enterprise resource planning.

2. Customizable dashboard and role-based access.

3. Multiple entity management and consolidation.

4. Real-time data and industry-specific KPIs.

Inventory Management

NetSuite provides a brilliant way to control inventory replenishment. It ensures the availability of stock to fill the anticipated orders while keeping the excess stock to a minimum. The key benefits of inventory management are to maintain continuity by avoiding stock-outs, dynamically managing seasonal sales, item reordering, and days to supply and the real-time alert helps to meet predefined orders.

Demand planning: NetSuite has a demand planning module specifically designed for users, who have the ability to foresee their future sales and demand required inventory on the basis of historical sales. This creative tool helps you to manage your inventory more efficiently.

Procurement: NetSuite procurement enables manufacturers to automate much of the purchasing process, maintain better relationships with vendors, maintain accuracy in source to pay process by imposing approval, and automate and link key transactions.

Supply Chain Management

NetSuite involves a mass contribution to supply chain management which involves product change management, WIP and routing, multiple entity management and consolidation, and supply chain control towers.

• Supply chain control tower: Supply chain control tower acts as a hub for viewing inventory across all the subsidiary companies around the world. It ensures better communication between customers and suppliers, helps to make the right decisions by schedulers, planners and buyers.

• Inbound shipment management: A large business firm orders a bulk quantity of products from multiple suppliers. NetSuite SCM facilitates inbound shipment management, which allows consolidating these multiple purchase orders into a container. It simplifies future tracking and updates of orders.

• Work in progress and routing: It shows a complete road map about the manufacturing process which gives the details regarding resources needed to complete the process, expected time, and cost required. Routing helps to identify the under- and over-utilized resources and also gives a clear picture of the cost of materials consumed during the manufacturing process.

• Multiple entity management and consolidation: An industry has multiple locations and subsidiaries. The ability to incorporate all the operations in a comprehensive way is a difficult task. NetSuite OneWorld is the solution for that, which streamline operations and gives real-time visibility at local, regional, and headquarters level within a system. With OneWorld, manufacturers make the standard business process and implement it across their subdivisions in a single click.

Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite CRM provides a continuous flow of information about the entire customer life cycle. It helps manufacturers to know about the sales order, fulfillment, renewal,up-sell, and cross-sell. NetSuite CRM has some inbuilt tool that provides your mobile workforce which enables easy access and uploads data they need outside the office.

Human Capital Management

NetSuite SuitePeople offers better functionality to manage your workforce.  It automates most of the tasks of HR professionals, which includes recording employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions, and compensation changes from a single suite. This module is available in selected countries only.

Financial Management

NetSuite financial provides visibility into receivables and payables. It provides real-time view and customized financial reports, insight into budgeting, and automates the order-to-cash process. In addition, flexible revenue analysis helps businesses to make informed business decisions.

With NetSuite, plastics and rubber manufacturers are getting more than just a software package - they are getting a lifelong business partner that is committed to their success. If you wish to implement a NetSuite ERP software in your business, please contact Jobin & Jismi.