Setting Up B2B Customer Orders on NetSuite


A leading bicycle manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, New York, is our customer.


This American company wanted us to incorporate multiple features on their website and NetSuite.  

The client prerequisite was to add the following features.  . 

Provide authentication for customers, sub customers and contacts (if any) in B2B. Place orders for customers and sub customers

Display all orders placed by their customers and sub customers on NetSuite when logged in with a customer login. 

Add a filter to shortlist the products according to the availability of the stock. This makes it convenient for customers to place an order as they can have an idea of the availability

Preset passwords for new contacts


Jobin & Jismi’s team of experts analyzed the requirements in detail. They updated the existing Suitelet Script in NetSuite in order. They did so to provide authentication and the creation of orders.  

There is already a Suitelet Script in NetSuite for customers and sub customers. It displays the orders list on the website.  

To include the orders of sub customers in the Orders list, we had to revise the existing script. 

We added a new filter in the side panel as ‘Filter by stock’ . We did this to shortlist the products according to the availability of the stock. This will help the customers to view the ‘in stock’ items and buy the product immediately. As per the client requirement, we preset the password.  


The requirements were attained successfully. We updated the client’s website and NetSuite as per the requirement. This helps the customer to know the availability of items and purchase them right away.  

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