Data Synchronicity through NetSuite-Salesforce Integration


Client Portfolio

A well-known premium health and beauty service provider in the Middle East reached out to us with a request to be able to view data scattered across multiple systems (NetSuite and Salesforce) in one location.   

Since its establishment in 1991, our client has emerged as a leading pioneer in their industry. They provide customers with cutting-edge and innovative business solutions, serving a diverse range of well-known brands. From refits and professional training to beauty concepts and ground-up developments, the firm is committed to meeting the unique needs of each customer and setting new trends in the beauty industry. 


Our client had a pressing need to be able to view data elements such as item details, customer pricing, and country-specific pricing from two different systems (NetSuite and Salesforce) in one location for quick and easy reference. The main obstacle they faced was their limited visibility into the price details of various items for customers based in different countries. This hindered their ability to provide accurate and up-to-date pricing information, affecting their overall sales process and customer satisfaction. Therefore, finding a solution that ensured seamless integration and real-time visibility of customer-related pricing data was crucial for the enterprise.

Our Solution

We meticulously analyzed the client’s requirements and devised an effective solution. To address this integration issue, our professionals proposed the implementation of a NetSuite endpoint. An endpoint refers to a specific URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that represents a unique location or resource on a network or web service. It is typically used to establish a connection or access a particular functionality provided by a server or API (Application Programming Interface). Our experts put in dedicated efforts to build and deliver this endpoint within the system to our client.  

By providing the customer with the NetSuite endpoint, they now have convenient access to leverage the integrated API effortlessly. We also ensured strong authentication measures were in place, granting them secure access to the specific data they required. This solution has not only resolved their existing challenges but has also equipped them for future growth and success. 

Customer Success

Our outstanding consultation and unwavering support have resulted in numerous benefits for our client such as:

Seamless data sharing, no manual entry or synchronization needed.

Consolidated view of customer and financial data for better understanding.

Improved collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Prevention of data duplication, ensuring accuracy.

Increased efficiency by automating data transfer and reducing administrative tasks.

Enhanced customer service through a comprehensive view of interactions.

Holistic reporting and analytics for better decision-making.

By entrusting their CRM operations entirely to Salesforce, the client’s employees no longer need to juggle multiple systems. With hassle-free integration, our customer can now access all relevant NetSuite details, including valuable client information, directly from their Salesforce dashboard. This NetSuite integration service has significantly enhanced their productivity and modernized their sales processes, resulting in substantial time and resource savings.

Key Achievements

94% overall enhancement in sales process.

Turnaround time has been reduced by 80%.

Way Forward 

Our integration of NetSuite with Salesforce has eliminated the need for the client to navigate through separate platforms to access NetSuite details. With this process, they can now conveniently retrieve all necessary information, including comprehensive item details and accurate pricing based on customer and country, directly within Salesforce itself. This streamlined process has significantly reduced turnaround time and improved overall efficiency for the client.  

Jobin & Jismi takes pride in providing bespoke solutions that drive customer success. Through our exceptional consultation and dedicated support, we ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes, unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.